Tinder dating for desktop may soon become a thing as the company announced their new project. The new Tinder Online web app will allow users to take continue their dating adventures through a browser even without downloading the application.

If you’re hand is tired of swiping left and right, Tinder Online should be a slightly different experience. You’ll have to use your mouse to determine whether you like a certain person or not. The rest of the experience is pretty much the same.

You have to still log in your Facebook account to create a profile. It may be easier to chat using an actual physical keyboard so you have that advantage.

Tinder Online will help increase the already large user base of over 1.6 billion people from the mobile app alone. One of the developers’ reasons for making Tinder dating for desktop is that not all of their users readily have mobile internet available.

The Tinder desktop version is still under development. As of this writing, the web app is not available in the Philippines. Tinder does assure people that it is coming soon.

Tinder Dating and its Effects on Everyone’s Lives

Most people today prefer to meet new people through dating apps like Tinder. It makes things easier but at what cost?

In fact, NBA players that want to get laid prefer to use Tinder and other dating apps instead of coming to clubs to mingle. The apps actually help the NBA stars to save more time for sleeping and travelling instead of partying.

People today would also rather swipe through potential matches even while working. They save time and even avoid the awkwardness of actually approaching someone in person.

One advantage is that some people actually meet new friends through Tinder and other similar apps like OKCupid. Want to go with someone in an upcoming event? You can actually change your bio’s description temporarily to look for a concert of gig buddy.

Just like any other social media app, everyone should still use Tinder with caution. There are a lot of posers, bots and catfishes in the sea. Still, there’s nothing really stopping you from simultaneously working and dating.