Ecosia launched a tree-planting app in which you can help the Earth! Keep on reading to find out more!

We’ve been hearing the devastating news of how our planet is slowly falling into ruin. Recently, we’ve seen the Amazon forest catch on fire. Do we really have to wait for Earth to be totally destroyed before taking any action? Luckily, there’s a search engine app which lets users help in saving Mother Earth with just one click! Introducing…!

What is a “search engine”, you say? It’s what use every time we search on the Internet. Examples would be Google, Bing, Wiki. But what makes Ecosia different is that the profits go to planting trees.

According to Ecosia: “We use the profit we make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. Get the free browser extension and plant trees with every search.”

How does it work?

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You’re probably asking, “How does it work?” Don’t worry though, it’s very easy! You just have to set Ecosia as your new search engine, make a search, and voila! You just helped our dear Mother Earth! They even let you track how many searches you’ve made on their homepage!

“How do they get money from searches?” Well, searches containing ads generate income for Ecosia. So, yeahAs of now, Ecosia users have helped plant more than 65 million plants! Wow! And a little fun fact for you, it only takes 0.8 seconds for Ecosia to plant a tree and it only costs them 0.2 euros per tree.

You may think this is a joke but trust us, it’s 100% real because Ecosia publishes their monthly financial report so you can see where the income of your searches goes. Right now, Ecosia has invested more than 9 million euros for planting trees!

Ecosia is also available for mobile users. So you can plant trees while searching the web with your mobile phone or tablet.

What are you waiting for? Give Earth some lovin’ by planting trees while you search the web.

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