All these homegrown shops giving us more reasons to #SupportLocal!

After the pandemic hunkered us all down in our homes, a selection of homegrown shops began to gain support from Millennials and Gen Zs alike as dapper clothing lines for stylish peeps. Just like the wide range of genres of music I’ve been sharing with you guys, I would also like to recommend these legitimately cool local online shops that you must check right now!

Some of these local shops provide the designs that we’re looking for, others have started their brand to demonstrate their stance on a certain social issue. Overall, you’ll surely find items that feature the pieces of your preferred styles.

From comfortable preppy outfits to striking designs of street wears and vintage goodies,  here’s a handful list of aesthetic local online shops to check out for your next online shopping purchase. Hopefully, I can help you save some time looking for something grand. And yep, don’t forget that these items are very Instagram-worthy, too!


If you think a simple design is boring, well, you better check the girly yet striking outfits from Clothingco.mnl. They have ones for your errand-outfits, lovely sleep wears, and ‘team-bahay’ styles that are totally affordable and can be bought for bulk orders. Yay!

Can’t get enough with wearing your Disruptor shoes? Girl, you better match it now with their pastel comfy outfits! 

Missing great finds at Ukay-ukay? You don’t have to waste a lot of time to roam around just to find a vintage goodie because already has what’s the best for you! Inspired by edgy-vintage finds or bohemian looks, the store’s owner has a wide array of carefully selected vintage pieces that you’ll absolutely love!

To be honest, I also bought from this online shop and their vintage goodies are totally such a good deal! So if you’re up for hoarding hippy or boho essential outfits, make sure that is part of your list of go-to homegrown shops.

Thrift Apparel Mnl 

Immersed in series or movies that you’ve watched? Gladly enough, here’s Thrift Apparel Mnl to offer us quality printed t-shirts of our fave dramas or the latest designs we really love! After snooping around from feeds of online shops, I highly recommend this shop if you’re so into with statement shirts and other trendy designs you want to have.

Enjoy unboxing with their awesome shirts!

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Antay Christ 

Who says that waiting for Jesus Christ isn’t cool? Well, better check Antay Christ that serves unusual Christian shirts! Dive into their straightforward designs and be informed as well that this local clothing brand lives up to its name very well.

Pretty witty brand name, right? If you’re waiting for Christ as well, it’s good to purchase some items that boast strong statement designs about faith. *winks

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Nobody Clothing 

Nobody Clothing is a homage brand that offers edgy designs for youth that speak for the irking and painful little things. Loving their aesthetic bend? Look out for their releases on their Instagram account!

“So this is for the nobodies, the outcasts, for the blasted outsiders, and all you degenerates. Own the taunt, take control of the label. Let it define you on your own terms. Do whatever it is that actually makes you feel alive. Be brave, you’ve got this.”

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“But what does ‘Nobody’ mean?” This still catches us offguard most the time. “It means ‘nobody’, that’s all it is.”, we usually answer with a laugh. To be honest, Nobody is never the same, it grows with us. As we change, the narratives change. The aesthetics bend to however we feel at a given time. The only thing that truly remains is what brought us together some three years ago: a dream to just make shit that speaks to us, and people like us. So this is for the nobodies, the outcasts, for the blasted outsiders, and all you degenerates. Own the taunt, take control of the label. Let it define you on your own terms. Do whatever it is that actually makes you feel alive. Be brave, you’ve got this. This is an homage to our youth, and all the painful little things that led us to where we are today. This is a love letter to our roots. May they grow deeper. May they always hold us in place even as we continue to bloom, grow, and hopefully, evolve. Here’s to always hoping for brighter days ahead. All love, from a bunch of Nobodies.

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One of the top fashion brands in the country is definitely the ones who proudly stand for what they believe in. Just like, Wednesday that expressed for the unstated opinions or ideas that usually buried in the corner. Truth be told, they are releasing artworks that encapsulate our perspectives in life.

What’s more, they have tee shirts that attempt to have a significant impact on society.

“Ideally, to bring people together and participate in movements we believe in together. We strive to make beautiful things, in all that beautiful is, the perils of us notwithstanding.”


Speaking of darn great tee designs, don’t forget to purchase an item as well at Revere PH! From edgy face masks to awesome hoodies, there are a lot of goodies on their shop.

“You can always find Spiritual Healing here. Find peace in isolation. Keep your dreams alive. Maybe catch a wave or something.”

Any other shops we didn’t mention?

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