Do you know what a Murtaugh list is?

If you are a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you have heard of The Murtaugh List. The List is based on Ted Mosby and Lethal Weapon character Roger Murtaugh whose signature catchphrase is “I’m too old for this sh*t”. Ted creates a list of things that he is too old to do like getting pierced, crashing on a futon bed, or doing laundry at your mother’s house those things.

I know that some people say that age is just a number. It is, but our body says otherwise. I mean I’m only a 20 something dude but it feels like my body is starting to act like I’m in my 40’s (no offense to the older ladies and gents out there). The joys of aging, am I right? Creating a list of things you shouldn’t do is not that bad as far as I see it. It doesn’t mean you’re a washed-up person, no no no. It just simply means you’re being wise and rather take care of yourself like Ted Mosby!

So here are some things that you can add to your own Murtaugh List!

Drinking All Night

We all have our heydays of partying and drinking. All the tequila shots, followed by a bottle of rum, followed by beer and walking out of that bar at sunrise and going home and fall asleep and when you open your eyes, you’re ready to go out and have fun again. The good old days. But there comes a point where finishing a bottle or two of hard drinks might bring you tons of suffering the next day. I mean it is fun to hang out with friends especially when you are all busy and living your life. But drinking hard will not give you a good memory of that moment, it will bring you pain and tons of puking the next day. So if you are in that age wherein you know you need to slow down your alcohol intake, go slow it down. Your liver will thank you in the long run!


Making money rain

Spending all that money on booze and yacht parties or other stupid things that’s the dream right? Yeah, it’s fun for those who are Mark Zuckerberg type of rich, but for us normal people who make a normal amount of money, it’s not! So stop spending all those money on useless things and save up! I know it’s your money so you can spend it the way you want, but as you get older you’ll need to learn to prioritize which is important and which is not. Having health insurance is important than that rare sneaker that you will surely put in a box and never wear. So think twice before you spend that money.


Staying in bad relationships

This is a no-brainer, right? When you’re in your 20’s there is a little exemption for those who’d rather stay than leave. Thinking love is like the movies, if we persevere we can be together forever. But when you reach that threshold of 30 years, it’s simply not smart to stay in a bad relationship.

You’ve existed for 30 years, and you still settle for people who treat you below your worth? That’s straight-up wrong, my friend. You should have known by now that your mama did not raise you to be treated like trash, you are a diamond, my friend. A bright shiny diamond. Always remember that. Everyone is! So if you ever find yourself in a relationship that is bad, leave and wait for that right person who will treat the way you should be treated.


Thinking you’re immortal

This section is particularly for men out there who live carelessly. I mean it’s a proven fact that men do some unwise and dangerous things simply for fun. And if you are about to enter that 30’s threshold, you must learn to control those impulse that tells you to do this one unwise thing. It might cause you a lot physically and financially.

Instead of feeding that impulse, why not counter it by getting checked up to make sure that you are in a healthy state. Or channel those impulses into physical activities such as running or going to the gym. Just don’t do something stupid. Remember we are not immortals. We are just a mere mortal whom at any moment can die because of our carelessness so let’s take care of ourselves!


Eating junk

I mean eating junk foods or basically foods that are not color green or color orange or yellow is a win right? But as we get old, we should start to eat healthily and have a good healthy balanced diet.

It’s okay to eat unhealthy foods but always remember that it has to be with moderation. I mean we want to live until we see our cute grandchildren right? So let’s start to eat healthily and have a balanced combination of foods that we intake. Just balance it out, I am not saying to stop. Because who can resist all those greasy and crunchy foods out there? Remember, everything with moderation!


What are the things listed in your Murtaugh List?

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