This is Waste Management for Dummies 101, y’all.

We all know that there are a lot of problems regarding our environment, and waste massively contributes to that. According to our good friend Wikipedia, “waste management are the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal”.

And as we all notice in public or even private places, a lot of people really have problems observing proper waste management.

Honestly, the problem also stems from lack of information.

Because many people – especially in the cities – lead fast-paced lives, they often disregard the need to notice how they manage their everyday waste. And what many people don’t know is that there are actually little things that they can do to manage their wastes.

So because we all hate mess (except maybe Marie Kondo) and want cleanliness everywhere, we are going to teach you two easy ways to manage your everyday waste – especially plastic.

Folding your plastic bags

Folding the plastic bags that you accumulate and reusing it is a really good way of controlling how much plastic you add to your carbon footprint. In a cute comic by artist Evacomics, she illustrates how you can fold your existing plastic bags.

Of course, if you have an eco-bag, you can use that instead when you go to the grocery or the supermarket. But for people who already have existing plastic in their stockpile, this art wonderfully demonstrates how you can manage and even lessen all that plastic.

Imagine if we all do this, we can actually avoid contributing more plastic to the world’s wastes. And maybe then, by a long shot, there would be less manufacturing of plastic.

Folding your personal trash

To be honest, one of our pet peeves is when people don’t throw their wastes properly. They throw it on the side of the streets, and sometimes they just drop it wherever they can. That is honestly annoying and just plain irresponsible.

Dude, we all know that throwing your trash isn’t rocket science. There isn’t anything hard in waiting for a garbage can in sight and then properly disposing of your trash. *sigh*

However, if ever confronted with the problem that your trash is too big too hold or put in your pocket or bag, then this is the tip for you: fold your trash. 

Above is a YouTube video by a Filipina demonstrating how you can fold your waste – be it plastic or paper – so that you could be able to put it in your pocket or bag. This will enable you to keep it for a while just before you find somewhere to properly throw your trash in.

At first, all this folding can be tricky. But once you learn it and make it a habit, you would be able to make these cute little squares that you could store for later disposal.

Small steps

These two tips are super simple, so we think that everyone could be able to do this. It doesn’t really require anything from individuals like us. Maybe just a little bit of time.

Folding your plastic and your trash may seem like a hassle at first, but really, a little act can go a long way. Moreover, these are small things that you could easily form into a habit. Trust us, we’ve been there before.

Just imagine… By sharing this knowledge, maybe the size of dumpsites could be drastically lessened or there would be less manufacturing of plastic. We are a bit idealistic but hey, where’s the harm in folding?

What do you think of these two folding tips? Do you think it’s a hassle to manage your everyday wastes? Let us know your thoughts by commenting down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.