What should I do after the quarantine?

Laying down on the beach getting tan, drinking and partying until sunrise, eating Korean barbeque with friends, I mean who doesn’t miss that life– a.k.a the life we had before the quarantine. It has been months since the quarantine was implemented and ever since, we all crave another human interaction aside from our family or simply the pleasure of going out without thinking about your safety every second. 

Now that the quarantine is being implemented in a moderate manner, we all see that light at the end of the tunnel and it feels excited to just go out and have fun. But hold your horses there, my friend. Not because the implementation of quarantine is being lifted, it doesn’t mean that the Corona Virus is gone and we can just go back to our old ways.

There are things that we still need to consider even after the pandemic. Safety measures are still needed to ensure that we won’t undergo the same thing. So we should still be cautious about our actions even now that the quarantine is being modified to a lighter implementation. So here are some things we should NOT do after the quarantine!

Stopping hygienic practices

One of the things that we have developed during this pandemic is the habit of washing our hands and making sure it is clean. Well, we should not stop that habit and continue this hygienic practice. Even after the quarantine, there is no assurance that there are no other bacteria and virus scattered out there. So we must be vigilant and continue to practice washing our hands.

Going big

I know we are all excited to go out and go big with our friends. Maybe you have planned to go to La Union or Tagaytay immediately after the quarantine or going bar hopping to your favorite bar’s around Morato, but we must remember that lifting this quarantine does not mean absolute safety from threats like this pandemic. So plan small festivities first with your close friends and ease your way to bigger plans!

Going to crowded events

Like I said, start small and ease your way to bigger plans. Going into big crowds is one of the reasons why the transmission of the virus became rampant. It’s better to stay safe than disregard the possibility of this situation reoccurring. So try avoiding as much as possible going to events and places with big crowds. But if you really can’t hold it in and just want to be free, at least practice social distancing until everything is better.

Don’t be too complacent

I know that when they announced that there will be a lighter implementation of the quarantine we immediately started planning out all these big plans and road trips with friends or hanging out but we should not be complacent and act loosely with regards to our safety. We should prioritize our safety first and all our loved ones. Let this pandemic be a lesson to all of us that we should treat this kind of situation seriously and treat it lightly. It is not something that you can slap in the face or pee on or pour gas into it and it will all be gone. So remember to always stay vigilant, don’t be complacent, and stay safe!

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