Cat lovers unite!

We cat lovers all know that cats are freaking cute – they are cute, but freaky.

They eat a lot, scratch some furniture, and then sleep a lot. You’re lucky if your cat is cuddly, because most cats do not like being held. They love climbing on top of stuff, usually causing a mess in the house.

Some people also say that cats have no emotions, because they don’t express it as much as dogs do. Usually they just stay smug and mind their own business. That may be true sometimes, but we cat lovers say otherwise.

As lovers, or shall I say slaves, of cats, we all know that cats have something unique in them that we just can’t resist. Look at the ancient Egyptians, they even worshipped the cats!

We really can’t explain why we love cats SO MUCH, but if you love cats too you’d understand.

Here are other relatable ‘cat things’ that only cat lovers would understand!

Because cats

People often ask cat parents, “why not dogs instead?” and other similar questions.  And we cat lovers should say in response, “just because!”.

There are honestly a lot of things that could be said, but we cat owners are just like our cats too – we lazy.


You’ve done this, be honest. Because if you haven’t done this Lion King scene with your cat yet, are you really a cat lover?

Hair everywhere

As you are reading this, you may currently have cat fur on your clothes… or on your face. As cat parents, we can’t control how much our babies shed. We just have to accept the fact that they do, and that hair will be in places we didn’t even expect.

Unless your cat is a sphynx, of course.


You say ‘meow’ to almost every cat you cross paths with. If this is true for you, then maybe you should check yourself for signs that you are already transforming into a cat.

Never enough

If you’re a cat lover, you know that there is never enough when it comes to your cat. You want him/her to stay a little longer on your lap; you want to get more pictures of him/her. You just can’t and will never get enough of that soft, furry cuteness!

Share, share, share

When will you stop sharing cat memes, photos, videos, or even GIFs? Never, huh? Good, because same.

Polite Cat Meme: Is This Viral Image of a Cat Real or Fake?

As cat lovers or parents or slaves, all we want is to show the world just how cute cats are. We want to show others that they are also capable of being sweet and that can be really good companions. Also, maybe by being overexposed to cat content, more people would learn to love them.

And when more people love them, they can soon take over the world – which is really our main agenda.

Do you love cats? What do you think about them? Let us know if you relate to the things mentioned above by commenting down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.