Being an adult is so hard, right? And sometimes we just gotta laugh it off. So check out these adulting tweets that had us dying from laughter!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s the end of another work week. And we know y’all just wanna get out of the office and get some serious R and R. We do too! But while you’re still stuck there, might as well take a break and have a good laugh. So we’ve compiled some #relate tweets for you. Check out these adulting tweets that had us laughing this week!

Paying for stuff is hard!

Welp, we’ve got news for you. Dying costs money too. Sorry!

And having kids is even harder! But hey, whatever makes it easier…

Yep, 100% genius!

When sleep is life. And your sense of ambition. LOL.

We have the same dream. But it doesn’t pay the bills, bro!

Sometimes being an adult means lying to yourself… constantly.

Adulting is when you know you have work tomorrow. But then you get in bed and stay up all night scrolling through Twitter. Who are you trying to fool? HAHA!

When people expect you to be polite in e-mails but they do this…

Seriously, how hard is it to reply? Just reply! We don’t need to be sending follow up e-mails.

And of course, after all that work there’s just one thing we want the most.

Same, sis. When all you wanna do is get paid. And gusto mo nang magsabi ng masasasamang… mga words! LOL.

Life is hard in general. And being an adult with responsibilities is harder. But hey, take things in stride and have some laughs. You’ll see, you’ll get through. Have a happy weekend everyone!

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