It’s about time you discover podcasts as something more substantial than individuals chattering away noncommittal to a subject.

Throughout the stretch of human evolution, we’ve seen technology that has withstood the test of time, some that slowly got left in the dust, and some that rapidly became obsolete. For radio, the process was of the sort that is slowly being left behind. But it is from the radio that this new form of entertainment and medium for learning came about.


Just like how our grandparents and/or parents enjoyed tuning into the 10 pm Love Clinic with Dr. Love on RX 93.1 or the bi-weekly MMK sa radyo (both of which are still on the airwaves for you to enjoy!) you too can find yourself a podcast to subscribe to either as mere background entertainment for driving or as a different form of entertainment for when you just wanna shut your eyes for a sec.

It’s not just for ‘titas

First off, let’s get rid of the notion that podcasts are for titas who like gossip. While there are tons of podcasts like so out there, that’s just but one color of an entire spectrum of podcast shows. That’s where we come in to offer you some of the best podcasts for your tastes.

Whether it be on life, love, or gory crimes we gotchu.

For the True Crime Aficionados

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You’ve definitely heard about My Favorite Murder if you follow Buzzfeed Unsolved which if you identify as the above heading, you probably are. The show’s moderators, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, have something of a Shane and Ryan dynamic in which they tell each other their most favored tales of murder and gore all while gushing over the inexplicably factual details of the scenes of the crime.

For the Political Nerds

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In the hustle and bustle of today’s world either you don’t have time to browse through daily news or you’ve just had enough of seeing it being overblown all over social media. Whatever the case, if daily news with sparknotes on politics is your game, then definitely let Sean Rameswaram in Vox’s Today Explained take you through the daily brawl.

For the Film Nut


Yes, there are lots and lots and LOTS of youtube vlogs dedicated to the cinephiles and yes the visual nature of films does make it easier to appreciate youtube videos on films but the fresh concept of the Rewatchables just make it so enticing. From the show that curates comedy stand-ups, The Ringers, Bill Simmons engages in round table discussions with people within the Ringer circle and other backstage Hollywood peeps on films they (and us too) can’t seem to stop watching. Grab a bottle of beer and hear them dive deep into why Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to the Future, and One Upon a Time… in Hollywood are always worth the watch and rewatch.

For the True Philippine Ghost Stories Fanatics


If you always found yourself buried in True Philippine Ghost Stories books as a kid, or an avid listener of the former radio show Gabi ng Lagim, these 2 podcasts are definitely for you! Hilakbot TV has a format akin to MMK sa Radyo with narration and voice actors dramatizing actual horror stories. Creepsilog on the other hand is another version of a Buzzfeed Unsolved kind of thing hosted by Gideon Mendoza and Glenn Tabajeros.

For the Unlucky in Love

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Or just plain interested in hearing the woes of peoples romances, then give Boiling Waters PH a go. Its hosts offer not just no-BS advice to the weary hearts, but a hell of a good time with hearty laughs to the common listener. The show also boasts of having the guts to talk about things in relationships people don’t really bring up.

For the Soon-to-be Titas/Titos

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We may have some sort of fear of turning into one but us 20-somethings gotta come to terms with the fact that adulting is here and now and all we can do is prepare ourselves for it! Consider Adulting with Joyce Pring as your next subscription necessity as it definitely gives you a low down on all things super adult like the quarter-life crisis, dealing with broken dreams, starting a business, career-shifting, and a lot more to make your way swimmingly through adult life.

For the Hopeless Romantics

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The New York Times Original segment Modern Love is your best source for tales on romance in this day and age with all its love, loss, and redemption stories. Each episode features an essay submitted which is narrated by a stellar cast of Hollywood actors and personalities featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Angela Basset, Uma Thurman, Terry Crews and so many more. Some essays even made it to the big screen in episodes which you can also catch on Amazon Prime Video!

All of these podcasts and a whole bunch of very interesting others are available on Spotify!

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