Tired eyes, sleepless nights, name it! If you are or have been a working student, we know you have been through a lot, but that’s what makes your journey beautiful!

A lot of us has probably experienced being a working student to support our own studies and whatnot. Don’t worry, it’s not something to be ashamed of. In fact, you should be very proud of it! It just proves how strong you are and how instead of stopping your studies, you chose to take action for it.

This being said, I’m also sure most of you working students can relate to these things!

Extra-curriculars? I wish!

When I was back in college, we were required to join at least one school org, but we all know I’m not gonna be able to handle all that because… I work!

Because of unflexible work schedules and the fact that your body needs rest, you aren’t able to join any extra-curricular activities or side organizations. And you just have to face it! No matter how much you want to join the school paper or the campus theatre, you just can’t squeeze it in your schedule. For us working students, we go to school to study and get good grades, and that’s all!

Always MIA (Missing in Action)

While my classmates hang around at McDonald’s or hit the mall after school, I didn’t have much time to do any of that. It’s travelling to work after class!

Who said anything about social interactions? You can’t have any! And you know I’m not lying. Between work and studying in college, it can be really hard to balance a healthy social life. Party at a friend’s house? You’re MIA. Hangout at the local cafe? MIA. Study group? MIA!

Sneaking naps!

I remember squeezing little naps in between subjects in order to compensate from all the sleep I’ve been losing. One time, I was even caught sleeping during a class. And not just a normal kind of sleep, but a full-blown one with my mouth swinging open and (yes, you guessed it) drool. Big yuck, but that’s just how tired I was.

I’m sure most working students could relate, too! Head down in the cafeteria, the library, or just anywhere you can sleep. Trust me, if there is even a 30-minute break between one subject and another, you’d find these people sleeping. Because, hey, some people just need all the rest they can get!

A step ahead…

I know that working while studying has its downsides, but sometimes, you also get perks for it! You know that dilemma that fresh graduates usually have when applying for a first job? That’s right, most require you to have job experience. Well, after graduation, I never had to worry about it!

While most of our batchmates are scrambling to find their first jobs, and having the “I’m officially an adult” dilemma, we working students go on just like the usual, and the real world after graduation isn’t that new to us. Unemployed who? Job experience, check! We have a comprehensive CV to show! I guess that means we’re already one step ahead.

Graduation is the fulfilment!

It’s hard juggling a job and your studies, but when it’s time to finally walk up that stage, you’d realize it’s all worth it! To working students, graduation can be the most fulfilling thing. It’s the walk of pride knowing that you funded your own education and went through with it, no matter what it took. With this in mind, receiving that degree is a moment made even more precious. Plus, it’s relieving, too, because now you can get your studies out of the way, focus on your career, and sleep for at least 8 hours like a normal human being.

This being said, everything is worth it, especially if you have your family that is the proudest of what you have achieved. You have done it for yourself, and you have reached your sweet sweet goal! So if you’ve been a working student or is currently one, just keep going! Know that it will all pay off in the end, no matter how hard it gets. You’ll look back one day on all those sleepless nights and sleepy days, and think to yourself that “Yes, I got through it. I’m an amazing person.”

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