The Reason Why Big, Verified Accounts are Viewing Your Instagram Stories

You ever caught a big Instagram account viewing your IG story? There’s an explanation for that.

If you have a small IG following like me, it might come across as a big deal when a stranger with a blue checkmark right by their name appears on the list of users who have taken a look at your story. You’d think: “What did I do to deserve this? Why is this unknown person with a fancy-looking icon stalking me?” Or something along those lines. And because they were able to capture your interest, you might go to their page and check their content. And you’d be blown away; this stalker has 10.4k followers! They’ve also found their niche in lifestyle stuff, just like me! The fact that your interests match makes you inclined to follow them.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but this doesn’t mean a semi-popular human being is interested in your life.

Put it simply, it’s a new automation tactic people use when they want to boost their followers on Instagram. If you’ve been on this social platform for a long time now, you might have been aware of the Follow-Unfollow method people used to employ when they wanna grow big. For the unversed, the said method is when someone makes use of a bot to follow your page and then unfollow you after a certain period of time. Unfortunately for these bot users (and good for regular IG peeps like us), Instagram took notice of this forbidden doing and has been actively shutting down these non-permitted bots since then.

The View-For-Follow tactic is a relatively new pain in the ass for Instagram, that’s why it still goes undetected. Same with the Follow-Unfollow, this new tool also relies on automated bots to work. Instead of the traditional way of interacting with people such as following and liking posts, this new breed of bots would do a so-called mass storyviewing. The goal is to simply look for profiles with the same interest as the one using the tool; that should exploit the human tendency to check out someone who has shown interest in their life.

If you fell prey to this scheme before, you know better now. It’s the same old story of people paying for spam services to achieve insta-fame. The next time you encounter it again, you’ll know what to do: ignore.

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Have you fallen prey to this tactic before?

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