You can say a lot about how your colleague’s day is going based on their manner of saying “Okay.” While one certain type of “okay” reply is not limited to one meaning (humans are very complicated beings), there are types typically attributed to certain moods. Here they are.



It means the sender had a good night’s sleep and woke up to the feeling they could conquer the world. Don’t ruin their day. (It is also sometimes expressed as “Alright!” or “Got it!”) Mood: Energetic, inspired



Their morning dose of coffee has yet to kick in. Be careful with your next response, because they’re not in the groove, yet. Your tone can dictate the outcome of their next move. Mood: Serious



You might have said something from confusing to controversial, and they’re in the process of determining if they’re supposed to take you seriously. Mood: Evidently confused 



If you haven’t noticed yet, the punctuation– or lack thereof– is one of the defining features of an Okay reply. When your teammate sends you one in the form of this naked, dull-looking bastard, it mirrors their lack of interest in the conversational subject. Mood: Neutral, just wants to get the day going without your bullshit



This is the worst reply ever. It’s tantamount to TTYL, or Talk To You Later, except the one saying it has a resting bitch face. Mood: From irritated to downright hostile



It’s an indication that they’re up for some bantering. Their day at work is going fine, so far. You can ask them to do you a certain favor and they won’t mind. Mood: Playful



While this is one of the better-sounding okays, it can also mean that the sender is not focusing on the conversation but rather on something else– like on the FRIENDS episode they’re watching at the moment.  Mood: Too playful for the occasion. If it comes before a promise that they’ll do you a favor, take it with a grain of salt.

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Any other forms of “Okay” you’d like to add?

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