Top 6 Songs to Test Your New Headphones

Testing a new headset or earphone can be confusing for the uninitiated. To make things easier, here are some tracks that you can use to test with.

Do note that all tracks are better tested in their FLAC format. MP3 320Kbps is also fine but anything below than that is just not quality. Spotify’s Extreme quality has MP3 320Kbps. If you happen to have a Tidal Hi-FI subscription, that would be better since they use FLAC files even for streaming.

Anyway, it does not matter where you get the tracks as long as they are legitimate copies. Piracy is stealing. Stealing is against the law. Piracy is a crime.

Flying Spaghetti Monster – Doctor P

This is honestly one of my favorite dubstep songs. Rather than pump Skrillex’s “Bangarang,” I’d choose this as the first dubstep track to test my earphones with.

“Flying Spaghetti Monster” has good wobbles, bass and some crisp high glitch sounds. You should be able to hear both the bass and high frequencies at the same time especially at the chorus.

Wake Up – Rage Against The Machine

Yes, I know the guitar riff sounds identical to Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” In my own opinion, this track is better mastered and mixed. This also brings back memories of “The Matrix”.

It’s a little bit on the heavier side of listening which should be more than enough to test the bass and mids of your earphones or headset. The guitar riff should also be clear and not too distorted.

Whiplash – Hank Levy / Don Ellis

A lot of hardcore Jazz fans don’t like the film at all but that does not mean that the soundtrack isn’t good. If you’re not into older recordings, you can still enjoy Hank Levy’s version. Some may say it’s mastered better considering that it has a digital influence.

Don Ellis’s “Whiplash” is a bit longer and slower. Another difference is that Hank Levy’s version is a little more on the mid to high range compared to Ellis’s fairly heavy bass-y composition.

Strip No More – Lukas Graham

If you want to test out vocal sounds, Lukas Graham’s “Strip No More” should be good. It has powerful instruments but it’s mixed well with Graham’s clear vocals.

You should be able to clearly hear the short rap in the early verse even with all the piano and drums. The song’s story is also quite hilarious for someone who sang “7 Years”.

Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

Almost any track in Pink Floyd’s album can be used to test new headsets but “Time” can be the best one. I think this track covers the whole range from bass to the highs. What makes the track all the more impressive is that it was recorded, mixed and mastered at the time where digital equipment and instruments were not prevalent.

The intro with clock sounds should let you know whether your headset or earphones can handle high frequency sounds. It also has a groovy bassline that can be heard even if the drums, vocals and guitars start to kick in.

Jesus Walks – Kanye West

Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” track is another good track to test out vocal clarity for your earphones or headphones. There are a lot of parts that have overlapping vocals and you should still be able to hear them distinctly.

Enjoy Your New Headset or Earphones

These tracks are good to listen to even after testing your new purchase. You can choose anything really and it all boils down to user preference. It does help to know whether you made the right choice if you don’t know what to choose in the first place.

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