What time is it? SUMMERTIME!

Sun’s out! It’s always good to be prepared for planned (or impromptu) trips to the beach or simple summer excursions. Do you already have your things ready? Well, the weather’s hot enough and we wouldn’t want your head to be, too! So here are our top warm-weather picks for you!

Great time to catch some Vitamin Sea!

The beach has been a staple summer destination for most of us. It’s usually a long drive but when you finally get there, sandy toes and all, vacation mode is ON! I can feel the heat and there’s nothing better than a good splash of seawater to go along with it. Never forget bringing these things though!

Beach Tent

Camping on a beach is always a good idea if you’re the adventurous type and don’t want to spend too much on costly accommodations! During the day, beach tents can protect you from UV rays if you’re not up for a tan. If you’re lucky and it doesn’t rain (because even in the summer it can rain in this country, you can never tell!), you can spend the night sleeping under a blanket of stars with the cold oceanside breeze hugging you. Check out this beach tent from Toby that can be used as a sunshade during the day.

You can now get this tent for only Php 599! Get it here.

However, if you plan on staying inside your tent during the night, it might be better to try this dome.

Swimming Apparel

Don’t just go swimming in a t-shirt (it can be cold although it’s a lot of fun)! It’s okay if you think you don’t have your summer body ready yet. It’s your summer so own it! Hit the beach with the perfect swimwear that fits your mood. Here are some pieces of swimwear from you can choose from.

Amihan Swimwear offers a variety of active swimsuits, one-piece swimsuits or bikinis that women can choose from. Their styles are trendy!

Bench also has stylish swimwear for men that you can choose from. Visit their website!


It’s a great time to be on the beach if you can swim. If you can’t, that’s okay too! We just have to make sure we have the right floater for you. You can go for something colorful to give a nice touch to your photos for Instagram. Check out Inflatable Pool Floats on IG! They offer IG-worthy floaters for your perfect beach experience. I mean, just look at this big pretzel!


Swimming is good, but it’s also important to take care of your skin while you’re having fun. Make sure to apply sunscreen! For this, you can try using local drugstore brands, or use one that you trust. When it comes to skin it’s always safer to go with something you’re familiar with that fits your skin type.

A travel bag

Getting a travel bag is a great way to keep your things organized when going on an outing, and it’s better to carry all your stuff in one go than place them inside separate bags, especially if you’re considering commuting. Try visiting The Travel Club for your selection of great travel bags from different brands.

A picnic would be nice!

Summer is also a nice time to go out on picnics. Just some food and great company would do it! What’s different from a picnic and eating out is that on a picnic you get to have the bonding time when preparing the food before heading to your favorite picnic spot. Here’s are your summer picnic must-haves!

Picnic Blanket

Eating on the grass is fine, sure, but some of us don’t want the hassle of dealing with grass stains and dirt, so a picnic blanket is always a good idea. You can go for a picnic blanket made with regular fabric, but no one wants to have to wash a dirty blanket after the picnic! If this is the case, use a picnic blanket made of a material you can easily wipe to clean.

This type of picnic mat only costs Php 159! Saves you a lot of money and it is also moisture proof. Get it here!

Thermal food bags

Whether it’s to a picnic or wherever, home-made food is always best consumed warm. Check out these food warming bags you can bring to your summer picnic!

Get this insulated thermal food bag here!

It’s so hot, I just want to stay home…

Sometimes the weather can be too humid that you’d find it best to stay at home. That doesn’t mean summer should be less fun! There are actually a lot of good things that come from staying home. To make your indoor summer more exciting, here are some things you should consider getting.

Indoor plants

If you don’t have any indoor plants, now may be a great time to get some! They are more than just decoration. Indoor plants an actually make your summer feel more comfortable by reducing stress and creating a feeling of well-being that makes you feel more at ease with your surroundings. Indoor plants also improve the quality of the air you breathe and they are proven to reduce noise. Talk about a comfy indoor summer!

If you’re not into big plants, you can start with succulent ones. Succulent plants need less maintenance and you don’t have to water them every day because they have naturally-stored water. Try visiting @plantsmanila on Instagram! They sell aesthetically pleasing indoor plants.

A cold dessert or beverage

There’s nothing like a cold drink to quench your summer thirst. You can try creating your own home-made blended drinks with your favorite fruits for a more natural refreshment. If you want to skip the hassle, try keeping some of these drinks in your fridge.

Locally is canned or bottled juice made with indigenous flavors. If you’re done with the usual lemon or green iced tea flavors, you might want to try this! You can get these in your local supermarkets and each can cost Php 24.50.

Hey, it’s summer! We all scream for ice cream! There are many types of ice cream you can get and we all have our favorites. But if you want to try something new, you can always go for a hunt. Or try these interesting ice cream flavors from Retap Ice Cream.

Retap Ice Cream brings us the classic flavors vanilla, chocolate, and many more… but their products also come in unique flavors! This avocado ice cream is my personal favorite, but you can also try other unique flavors. And what more, being Bicolanas by heart, the creators of Retap also made the flavors available in spicy and the products retail at Php 15 each! You can visit their site on their website.

A good book

For students who want to get busy during the summer break, a good book is something to throw into your plans. It’s a good break from all the digital things we watch every day. Sitting on the couch or lying in bed reading a good book is sure to turn your summer cozy. For this one, I don’t really have a recommendation, but if you want to start and not spend too much, drop by your local book sale. The kind of book you should pick would really depend on what interests you. Are you a romantic kind of person, or does mystery stories go better with your personality? Your pick!

Whatever it is you choose to do this summer season, that depends on your definition of fun! Get your checklist ready now for a summer you won’t forget. Which of these do you plan on doing this summer? Let us know on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.