Love does come in all shapes, sizes and even so, bright colors. And Starbucks is standing by it. With the newest Starbucks Bright Collection, it brings us a new tumbler collection to choose from!

Starbucks Philippines is back at it again with their limited edition collection, the Starbucks Bright Collections. It’s the brightest and inspiring tumbler collection that we should really have. We’ve had our fair share of pastel colors and aesthetics tumbler collections from Starbucks. And now, we are going back the brightest of all colors: the rainbow.

The Starbucks Bright Collection consists of stainless steel tumblers with a smooth matte finish. The tumbler collection has a minimalistic design, with only the Starbucks brand name on it. Tumblers from this newest collection come in six different colors: Cherry, Sunset, Lemon, Spring, Ocean, and Grape. And that’s a full rainbow for you! Starbucks Philippines wants to promote not only life but also love that comes in all colors. With the new collection, it stands by in support of the LGBTQ community, hence the rainbow and love.

Aside from the tumblers, you can also get the Starbucks Brights Love Card for only Php500 per activation. It is also inspired by the rainbow and only comes in one design. You can definitely match with your friends and significant other with these new cute and fun tumbler collection. Or spice up your coffee and tea experience with these new babies.

The Starbucks Bright Collection, the tumblers, and the card are exclusive for Starbucks Philippines. You can get each tumbler for Php 1,425 in any Starbucks store branch nationwide. So you better grab yours until supplies last!

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