And we thought the Starbucks Valentine’s Day Collection was exciting enough!

But there’s actually a Starbucks x BTS collection that we didn’t know about?


This is not a drill! A Starbucks x BTS Collection actually exists!

BTS merchandise has gone as far as makeup to lifelike dolls! So it’s really not a surprise that we have merchandise of their from our favorite coffee chain! The Starbucks x BTS collection is called “The Brightest Stars” collection. And they’re only available for a limited time! Specifically from January 21 to February 6!

Although it’s saddening because the Starbucks x BTS Collection is only available in South Korea. But hopefully, that’s all just temporary! And we can hope that they realize the demand for these are real to issue a worldwide release!

So for now, maybe you can pasabuy with someone who’s heading to South Korea. But check out the items from the collection nonetheless! Who knows, they may really have a worldwide release! At least you’ve picked out what you want already! LOL!

‘The Brightest Stars’ Starbucks x BTS Collection!

Starbucks Korea officially released a sneak-peek of the collection on their Twitter account last January 17. So spot these ARMY worthy collectibles below:

So if you’re planning on hopping on a plane ASAP, you should know that Starbucks has a one item per purchase per visit rule! And also, feel good about your purchase! Because according to Starbucks Korea’s website:

“A portion of proceeds from the sale from the collaboration will help support career and educational development programs for young people leaving children’s homes to start their adult lives through the Beautiful Foundation’s Opportunity Youth Independence Project.”

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