Tired of the same old quarantine routine?

With the limited movement caused by the quarantine, many people choose to stay home and just ensure their safety. And I know we all dread to go out and go back to our usual routines but staying home is one of the things that we can contribute to lessening the spread of the virus. So just stay home.

Art is a good way of alleviating the pressure and stress that you are feeling right now. It’s been months since the pandemic happened and I know for some of us, we have the same old quarantine routine like watching Netflix or scrolling our feed in social media for hours. If you are tired of doing the same routine every day, then try doing creative things to spice up your quarantine routine such as taking photos, creating videos, and creating stories! Who knows, you may have the eye and skill for those things, right?

Sounds interesting? Here are some simple creative activities you can add to your quarantine routine!

Taking portraits

Taking selfies? No. Take a self-portrait of yourself or ask your sibling to take photos of you or vice versa and try developing skills in photography. All you need is your phone, a camera timer, a place to mount your phone (if you’re alone), and a decent background and lighting. Try to look for a good spot in your house to capture photos or set up a good background for you. Check out Samuel Elkins’ tips for doing a home photoshoot!


Food Photography

Want to spice up your Instagram stories by taking awesome food shots? Or you’re new in the food business and want to increase the aesthetic value of your ad? This might help you! All you need is to plate nicely your food, some good lighting, and a good background with texture. Check out Peter Mckinnon’s tips on mobile photography!


Making short videos

Years from now, we’ll be looking back at this pandemic thinking that we survived and made it. Why not try to document how you handled and faced the quarantine? Make short cinematic sequences or short videos of your quarantine routine and look back at it as a reminder of how you overcome this pandemic. All you need is a phone, Kinemaster, or other editing apps available in the Play store, and your daily routine. Here is an example of a simple short sequence that you can try to do.


Writing short stories

I know this quarantine has brought us tons of emotions to deal with. Why not write down your feelings and try to write them through a poem or through a story! Writing is a proven way to deal with stress and pressure. So why not make something beautiful out of it. Write poems about how you feel in the midst of this quarantine or write a short story depicting your situation or create a fictional story based on how you are feeling. Check out these tips in writing a short story!


Can these creative things help you deal with the quarantine?

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