Cupid missed again this year, huh? That’s fine! That only means you have an extended membership in Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko or SMP.

Don’t be sad. It’s not that bad! Just follow this SMP Member’s Guide and you will survive this holiday season.

To my fellow SMP members who are feeling chilly and lonely this yuletide season. Do not fret! I’ve shipped a pair of glasses as a Christmas gift to Cupid so he may aim better and not miss the right person for us this coming 2019. For now, read through this SMP member’s guide so you may live through your singleness this season.

SMP members, you don’t have to sulk this Christmas season! Yes, you see couples going to church together! Yes, you see them exchange gifts and hug in public! Yes, you see them make out in bars. Yes, you see them wearing matching outfits. Yes, you’re being creepy and just staring at them with a threatening tear in the corner of your eye. Fine! Sulk really quickly in the corner but put yourself together after and come back!

The chilly weather, beautiful Christmas music, and just the overall vibe of the holidays can be overwhelming for us single people. Cause it really hammers that feeling of “By golly, I’m single AF” on your face and that’s okay! Being single isn’t all that bad. Here are things you could do to enjoy your SMP membership.

1. It’s time for Shopping!

Retail therapy everybody. Go shopping and treat yourself! Buy yourself that really nice dress or a sick pair of shoes or both. It’s up to you, no one’s there to tell you “NO”. You don’t need another person to get things for you. You got yourself! And when you wear it, do it for yourself as well. Let them oogle at yo fine *ss.

2. Parteyyyy!

Assemble the gang and get to drinking and dancing! Being single doesn’t mean you are alone. You have amazing friends who are always down to hang out with you (and occasionally drive your drunk *ss home). Dance the night away and enjoy your time with your friends.

3. Ohana means family

(Yes, I like Will Ferrell memes. Problem? Loljk)

If there’s anyone who’ll be there for you through and through, that would be your family. So despite moping about being single, appreciate your family. Spend more time with them and get them all gifts this season. Once you bring happiness to them it will bring you joy too.

4. Develop a New Hobby

Get up from your bed and stop listening to sad music. Instead of wasting your time thinking about not having a Christmas date, how ’bout you grab a trombone and learn how to play it? Too much? A flute? No? Okay, a guitar. Cool. And if you’re not a music person, read a new genre of books or learn how to trade stocks. I mean, it’s better to spend your time into something progressive than getting stuck in misery. Right?

5. Travel alone (once allowed)

When you’re in a far place by yourself you get to know more not only about the place but about yourself. You’ll never know what you might learn. You have the entire holiday vacation, make the most out of it. Rediscover yourself, reinvent yourself. You do you!

I think life is great regardless of your relationship status and I hope that you can see that too. Thank you so much for reading through our SMP Member’s Guide. If you have any comments leave them down below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @udoublog Happy holidays, everyone!