Sheryl Sandberg is a champion for women empowerment. The Facebook Chief Operations Officer is the first female in the social network giant’s board of executives. We might have her to thank for keeping Facebook afloat for several years even though they don’t charge us anything.

Sandberg has already had her fair share of working in the government before diving into the world of tech. She held a job at the United States Department of Treasury before joining Google in its early years similar to Susan Wojcicki.

From Google to Facebook

For some in the tech industry, working at Google is already an end-game. Facebook actually hired Sandberg away from Google. Mark Zuckerberg never even posted a job ad for a COO as he thought Sandberg was the perfect fit.

Google also profited from Sandberg as she spearheaded global sales and operations at the search engine giant. It would seem that every company she touches gets richer every year.

Option A and Option B

One of Sandberg’s mantras is that “Let’s Kick the Shit Out of Option B” which means they should always make the first thing work. Sandberg handled all of the social network’s revenue streams and business models to keep it afloat.

Unfortunately for Sandberg, her Option A passed away. Sandberg’s husband Surveymonkey CEO Dave Goldberg died in 2015 while exercising. This does not mean, however, that exercising is bad! Don’t sit all day scrolling down your Facebook News Feed.

Without Sandberg’s capabilities, Facebook could cease to exist. You won’t be able to share your favorite local artists’ gig announcements. Memes would not be as famous as they are now without Sandberg getting Facebook money.

Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In and SMBs

Sandberg pushes for women empowerment. She wants more women to represent in any area be it tech or the government. Her book “Lean In” inspires women to shine in a patriarchal world. She joins Susan Wojcicki and other women that disrupted the tech industry with their awesomeness.

Even if Sandberg is working for one of the largest companies in the world, she is still focused on small businesses. Most small to medium enterprises rely today on social media to drive customers. The Facebook COO claims that there are more than 45 million small businesses that are on the social network.

“Small business, medium business, SMB–there are 20 different names for it–but this is the source of economic growth. It really is. If you look at the job creation numbers in the United States, you look at them in Europe, the majority of job creation happens through small business,” Sandberg told INC in an interview.

Why this Matters

Without Sandberg’s initiatives, Facebook wouldn’t be a place for small businesses to flourish. You won’t be able to check out your favorite bars’ opening hours or promos if it weren’t for Sandberg.

Help spread Sandberg’s love for SMBs by showing support to your local artists in Facebook. Share their posts, spread the word if they have an upcoming gig or releasing a new song.