Halloween is just around the corner and slowly creeping upon us.

Ever had the feeling of being watched? Or Seeing things only you can see? They said that we only use 10% of our brain, what if we are daydreaming or doing some regular stuff and we suddenly tap some part of our brain that we feel and see some creepiness lurking. Here are some things that we should avoid imagining.

Creepy Mirror Reflection

People say that mirrors are the doors to the other dimension. What if while you are washing your face in the sink in front of a mirror and when you close your eyes you start imagining that maybe, just maybe what if you see a different reflection or a bloody figure of yourself or something out of this world? 

Reflection Creepy GIF - Reflection Creepy Scream GIFs

Capturing An Entity

We live in a society that means a lot when we capture our precious moments with our family, friends, and other people. We take a picture or a video to reminisce on that particular moment. What if one day you were having fun with your friends and decided to take a picture, You took the photo and while checking it out, you see an unfamiliar face or figure behind the picture that all of you know that there was no one there when you took the photo.

Best Real Ghost GIFs | Gfycat

Someone Following or Looking at you

It is always fun walking around during the night alone or on the other hand very frustrating when walking home very late alone. You have your earphones plugged in while walking, you feel a slight breeze crawl down your skin and have the feeling that you’re being followed or being watched. You look behind you and no one is there and slowly speeding up for no apparent reason because you are crept by your own imagination.

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Being in the dark makes you imagine a lot of stuff that is very creepy. While laying in your bed during the night and it’s very dark you can’t help yourself imagining someone will creep on you, someone or something will pull your leg, or someone is watching you from afar, or see something that is not supposed to be there.

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