ATTENTION! What’s cool about today’s date, September 9? Other than the same number for the month, is that there is actually a BIG sale going on right now from Shopee and Lazada!

E-commerce giants Shopee and Lazada are offering hot deals and discounts as high as 90%, along with free shipping offers!

We know you are excited to shop and make the most out of today’s sale but we still need to teach you one of the biggest hacks that will help you save some of your cash! Big discounts from your favorite online shopping site PLUS a hack to get some money back? We know you are thrilled to hear this. So bear with us for just a little bit.

The smarter way to shop

ShopBack is a program which allows its users to get some of their cashback. As their slogan says, with them you could explore the smarter way to shop. Using ShopBack, a portion of what you spent on Shopee and/or Lazada will be returned to you.

Just make an account, shop where you like using their site or through their mobile app, and say hello once again to the money that you thought was already long gone.

ShopBack also offers coupons, vouchers, and other discounts on their site, so make sure to visit them. They also support other sites like FoodPanda, AliExpress, Airbnb and a lot more. You could also get ₱100 if you successfully refer your friends! Nice, right?

With today’s 9.9 sale, we hope you buy all the things that could spark joy into your life. Using the not-much-of-a-hack tip that we introduced, we hope you’ll be able to cheat your way out of an empty wallet.

Don’t be a loser! Shop smart.

What are you planning to buy this 9.9 sale? Was this hack helpful to you in any way?  Let us know on the comments down below! Or simply tweet or reach us on our Twitter or Facebook @UDoUPh.