If Samgyup is life to you, we can only imagine the agony of having to carry that craving all throughout the extended quarantine perio.

But now we’re seeing light at the end of the long, dark tunnel! DTI USec. Ruth Castelo has announced that while buffet services and salad bars are still prohibited in areas under the General Community Quarantine, Samgyupsal buffet is now allowed beginning Monday, June 15.


But don’t get all hyped up yet: of course, there are still limits, some health protocols to follow to protect everyone from the looming threats of the coronavirus disease.

Inside buffet restaurants, only a maximum of two people is allowed to dine at a table for four. To make things interesting– safer, rather– they cannot sit across from each other. They must be seated diagonally. So, yep– if you’re used to doing Sampgyup in large groups with your friends and colleagues, you can’t sit with them all.

Under the new normal, restaurants in GCQ areas are now allowed to accept dine-in services at 30% capacity. This means that if they could accommodate 100 persons before the pandemic, they can only cater to 30 people now. In MGCQ areas, restaurants can go as much as 50%.

Chairs and tables must be 1 meter apart. The “No face mask, no entry” policy must be imposed, as well as the checking of the body temperature of the customers and the provision of foot bath mat and alcohol.

Each time a customer leaves, the area must be sanitized. Staff and employees must wear a mask, face shield, at gloves. Contactless payment must be observed if possible.

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