Romance Movies With Awesome Tracks To Remember

Aside from Spotify and YouTube, movies are another way to discover new music. If you’re not observant enough, you’re probably missing out on amazing tracks that you need to add in your playlist.

Here’s my list of top movies with a soundtrack you’ll fall in love with:

What’s Your Number

Top pick: Wicked Way – Benjamin Taylor

What’s your number is one of my fave romcoms because well, Chris Evans was such a hottie, and two, it has an amazing soundtrack. This movie’s totally relatable, and it shows the reality of romance and dating in this era. Fuck boys can relate to the Wicked Way—let the lyrics speak for itself.

Sleeping With Other People

Top pick: Fuck It and Whatever – The Echo Friendly

Sleeping with other people is about two people in love with each other, but they know themselves too much to know it wouldn’t work out. Sounds familiar? But let your minds change with The Echo Friendly’s Fuck It and Whatever—I know we can’t stay together, but I’ll keep you safe forever, and I know that sounds heavy but fuck it and whatever.

Love, Rosie

Top pick: Littlest Things – Lily Allen

You’re probably going to hate Love Rosie if you’re not a fan of stories that go back and forth every time, when they could’ve just told each other how they felt to avoid complications. But you can’t deny how great Love Rosie’s soundtrack is. Lily Allen’s Little Things really hit me right in the feels.

500 Days of Summer

Top pick: Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

Singing to The Smiths was probably one of the highlights of this movie, because it was one of the reasons Summer talked to Tom in the elevator. There’s A Light That Never Goes Out is one thing, but have you noticed The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition playing?

Paper Towns

Top pick: Lost It To Trying – Son Lux

Paper towns’s soundtrack gave life to the movie, especially when Son Lux’s Lost It To Trying played to conclude Quentin and Margo’s great escapade that night. It’s such a chill song to play during road trips, if you’re in one of those moods where you just want to appreciate the serenity of the drive.

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