Since we cannot go to the beach this Summer, let’s reminisce and look back at the good ol’ days with these awesome reads instead!

It’s summer again and we’re still cooped up in our houses—for our own safety, of course. But we do miss going to the beach. It may still be a distant destination for most of us, but at least we can try to remember those awesome moments of travel through reading these books.

We’ve compiled 5 Pop Fiction titles with beach destination settings that will take you from Nasugbu, Batangas to Santorini, Greece in just a few pages. You’ll almost feel like you went to the beach yourself. Almost.

Just Fall In Love Again


So much of Just Fall In Love Again’s story happens at the beach. Drake and Kei Marie confess their love to each other here. The beach is where they were reunited after being apart for so long. Heck, the climax of the story—where a major revelation about Kei’s condition is revealed to Drake—also takes place at the beach. If you’re looking for a beach read, you won’t go wrong with asherinakenza’s latest Pop Fiction book.

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Just Fall In Love Again Book

Best Friend Ko…

In theperfectinfinity’s Best Friend Ko…, the beach is the setting for a major turning point in Kath and Darien’s story. Before that, their relationship was in a deadlock after Kath confessed and Darien rejected her—but only because he hadn’t yet realized that he was already falling for her. It’s been awkward for both of them since then… until this fated beach trip when finally—finally!—he tells her he loves her.

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Best Friend Ko Book

Take Me To Your Heaven

Jessica and Andrei’s relationship doesn’t exactly start out like any normal romance story. In miss_sixteen’s Take Me To Your Heaven, their love starts with a bad decision, followed by more and more mistakes until it just seems like they’ll never be happy together. But a final encounter at a beach that looks and feels a lot like Santorini, Greece, changes all that.

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Take Me To Your Heaven Book

The Wallflower’s Revenge

Most of the pivotal moments in sweetblunch’s The Wallflower’s Revenge happen in the Mediterranean. Tatiana is betrayed and left for dead in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea—where the Italian duke, Lucca Cavelli, rescues her. Lucca takes Tatiana on a romantic date on a beautiful island somewhere in the Mediterranean. They even get married in Lucca’s massive estate overlooking the sea.

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The Wallflower's Revenge

Hopeless Romantic 2

After breaking each other’s hearts back in high school, Rylie and Justin in strawberry008’s Hopeless Romantic 2 know that they need to move on from each other and be with other people. They understood that, but they still can’t take each other out of their minds. On a beach trip with friends, Justin finds Rylie sleeping by the beach, and he can’t resist telling her how he feels. He even plays a love song for her. Too bad she was asleep throughout the entire gesture. Or was she?

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Hopeless Romantic 2 Book

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