Move aside Starbucks, CBTL, or other sossy planners out there! The Red Horse Planner is here and trust us, it is the perfect choice for you!

Be honest, are you really planning to waste money just to get some stickers or stamps for a Starbucks or CBTL planner? If your answer is yes, well there’s really nothing we can do about that. But we have another option for you that you just might want to consider. Because people, the iconic alcoholic beverage is bringing you… the Red Horse Planner!

Yeah, we got the same reaction that you had: WHAAAAAAT? But yes guys, there really is a Red Horse Planner that will soon be available. Yesterday, Red Horse Beer posted a video about this on their YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

Check the video showing a sneak peek of the planner below!

*cue in Skusta Clee ft. O.C Dawgs’ May Alak May Balak*

Red Horse Planner, Extra Strong! Number One Planner, Ito Ang Tama!

Because of this announcement about the planner, people were immediately interested on how to avail the product. Moreover, tweets saying how they ‘need’ it are just hilariously entertaining!

Check out some tweets about the #RedHorsePlanner below.

Moreover, in the caption for their video, Red Horse Beer says:

SA WAKAS! Mga repa, dumating na ang planner para sa tulad nating mga malakas at astig: ang #RedHorsePlanner. Di kailangan ng stickers para makakuha nito.

We are looking forward to this planner because it is just really cool AF! But also, a timely reminder for y’all: drink responsibly. Going back though, no instructions as to how the planners could be availed are released yet.

For more updates about this, simply tune in to Red Horse’s social media accounts.

What do you think about this cool announcement by Red Horse? Are you looking forward to getting a Red Horse Planner? Let us know what you think by sharing them through the comments below! Or simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.