Record Store Etiquette: Dos, Dont’s, and Finding Vinyl’s Magic

There’s no denying that vinyl is making a swift comeback. We’ve seen more and more artists release their music on records, causing an abundance of millennials to purchase players and head over to their nearest record store. However, like an expensive purchase from a luxury brand, there is a certain etiquette to be followed. Lisa Pereira, owner of Female Treble in Toronto, gave Noisey the down low on the dos, don’ts, and can you not’s of record store shopping.

DO Wash Your Hands

If human beings don’t like touching greasy hands, what more records? This is our first lesson: wash your damn hands. Apart from the fact that it’s basic human hygiene, your hands can literally destroy a record. If you want to pull out a record from its sleeve, keep your hands on the sides at all times and away from the grooves.

Fun fact: Vinyl sales reached almost 10 million at the end of 2017’s third quarter. That’s a million more than vinyl sales in 2016’s entirety.

DON’T Pretend to Know Every Artist

Pereira had an unfortunate encounter with someone trying to mansplain (it’s when men explain to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing) the importance of blues music in rock and roll after thinking “Electric Mud” was a band. He held up the line for 20 minutes and it was embarrassing for the both of them. She explains that it’s okay to be unaware of who’s playing on the speakers; you can always ask the staff. That’s why they’re there.

Fun fact: A rare “Love Me Do” record recently just sold for almost USD15,000!

“The best way to listen to recorded music is on vinyl.”

No one can deny that vinyl collecting is a hobby. It’s expensive, yes, but still a hobby. Purchasing a record that you’ve been searching for n years provides a heartwarming feeling like no other. There’s more to just plugging your earphones to the turntable—discussions, suggestions, and tips are shared between shop-owners and collectors both old and new. If handled carefully, these babies can last you forever and can be passed on to the grandchildren of your grandchildren. Go to corners of old shopping districts (the basement of Makati Cinema Square and Cubao Expo are goldmines, y’all), make friends, and find comfort in your records.

Fun fact: By October 2017, physical and digital album sales were down 13.3% and 19.5% respectively, while vinyl saw an increase of 3.1%.

Now that you know how to shop for records properly, sit down, cozy up, and place that needle on the starting groove! Happy listening!

P.S. The featured image is a part of my personal collection so if you have any suggestions, hit me up!

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