Tiny Moving Parts just had their first show in the Philippines last Friday, and we have THE Tiny Moving Parts Concert Recap you need!

The band started in 2008, and if you were in high school during this time, you were probably still at the height of your emo and punk days. Don’t worry, we know it’s not just a phase. We’re sure you felt the same rush as the band started to play at SM Skydome for #TinyMovingPartsMNL. And now, we know that you’ve been looking for a Tiny Moving Parts Concert Recap to chill your emo bones.

Lets start bringing back those memories from last Friday with the band’s set list:

  1. Applause
  2. Headache
  3. Sundress
  4. Clouds
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. Feel Alive
  7. Warm Hand Splash
  8. Common Cold
  9. Bird House
  10. Smooth It Out
  11. Always Focused
  12. Dakota

And onto more tweets from you guys:

Drowning in FEELS while drowning in music!

“I want to feel alive! But i feel dead inside right now!!!! ”, tweets fan @iamsuperjoana and giiiiiiirl, we feel you! We know you sang every word, every lyric as ‘Headache’ was played!

Let’s turn back the clock and do this one more time. It’s so hard finding a purpose in my emptiness. Cause I am an icicle, you are the summer heat. A language that I could barely speak.

This GIF be on-point!

Plus our fave—appreciation tweets!

And meet and greets!

There’s always that one fan who’s just committed to attending concerts.

Turn on the lights, listen to the music and let it take you high!

Looks like someone got so high on music! Check out this fan art! MIND. BLOWN.

And you know, everything goes wild when it’s live!

It’s amazing when your favorite band joins in to get wild with the rest of us! This definitely left us wanting for more. Here’s to hoping we get a next time!

We hope this means there’s gonna be a next time!

Because we all want one of this!!!

And did we talk about 3/3’s set?

This was a great way to start the night! These badass ladies warmed up the stage for the awesome gents.

It’s always a  pleasure to welcome our favorite bands into the country, and give them a great time just as they play us our favorite songs! And we hope this Tiny Moving Parts Concert Recap helped you relive those moments with one of your favorite bands. Can’t wait till we see you again, Tiny Moving Parts!