Whether you plan on going out or staying indoors during the rainy season, these are the things you can’t afford to not have!

Knowing that you can’t count on class suspensions when you’re already working is a real travesty. We’re not waterproof, but we’ve got bills to pay! And with the rainy season setting in, we should always be ready! Here are five bare essentials that you might need to keep your rainy season dry, warm, and cozy!

Shoe protectors.

Yes, I put that first on the list. You wouldn’t want to go anywhere with wet shoes all the way through! With the rain pouring these past few days and a storm approaching, this might come in handy when you’re about to get off a vehicle and you notice a bit of flooding. It also might save the integrity of your favorite sneakers! Okay, maybe this can’t save you from a knee-high flood or anything more than that, but it sure is usable for ankle-high water for the rainy season.

These shoe covers are easy to find if you go online shopping. They don’t cost much, and they’re very durable! Believe me, I bought a pair myself! They come in plastic ones with zippers or silicone ones that look like socks which you can stretch to fit your shoes perfectly!

Card/board games.

The best thing about rainy days is that you can enjoy time indoors! Whether you’ve got friends over, or only your family is keeping you company, there’s nothing better than spending the off-times playing indoor games! For this, fun card and board games always come in handy. You can play a round of classic poker or “Tong-its”, but certainly, there are lots of ways you can spin your indoor games around. For adults, Cards of Humanity or Exploding Kittens can be enjoyable card games!

There are also lots of strategic board games you can play at home aside from a chessboard. There are even some board games designed after your favorite shows. And if you want to make the game kid-friendly, you can choose something that’s like an adventure type to engage them in the game. You just gotta have one of these in your shelf to use when the rain pours!

A cool hoodie.

Hoodies are an underrated piece of clothing. Wearing hoodies indoors not only helps keep you warm, but it’s also cozy and comfortable! And we all know it’s totally acceptable to be seen outside in a hoodie and some sweatpants. They’re fashionable, they’re comfy, and they’re warm! Not to mention it can shield you from a little rain if you haven’t got an umbrella. Hoodies are fun to have and is very versatile when it comes to mixing and matching. You just got to find the one that suits your style!

A warm beverage.

It’s rainy, it’s cold, therefore a warm drink is a must. Coffee is arguably vital in our everyday lives even if it’s not raining, but it serves more purpose in the rainy days! If you’re not a coffee person, go drink hot cocoa or milk. Just have a warm beverage you can drink anytime to warm you up, they’re really effective in helping you relax!


Oh, yes. We’ve learned the hard way that not bringing umbrellas can cause you real trouble in the rainy days. And trust me, you wouldn’t want to ride the bus soaking wet! God forbid your things also get wet. The rainy days are marvelous if you just need to stay home, but going out can be a bit of a hassle without an umbrella. Go for something foldable so you can fit it in your bag and it wouldn’t be another thing to carry! Neutral colors are very in-style nowadays because it prevents your umbrella from clashing with whatever outfit you’re wearing. Oh, and transparent umbrellas are a great thing to have too!

Don’t forget to stock up on these things, you never know just when you might need them! Do you have other things you can’t lose during a rainy day?  Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.