Do you possess one of these quirks?

We all have that weird quirk we do on a day to day basis. And it is not bad. We all have them. But the thing is sometimes we are too occupied to even notice that we have these certain quirks that we do. Maybe more of a private quirk where you do it alone or more of a thing you do in public.

In my 20 years of existence, I have observed some personal quirks of mine and other people’s, as well. I guess I have a lot of spare time to even notice those things. Or maybe I find it more important to observe the quirks of people around me than thinking about the things I actually need to do. I don’t know. But here is a list of quirks that people do at least once in their life

Daydreaming according to the song you are listening

Listening to that song by December Ave and just savoring every bit of the song while imaging a scenario with your better half or with your crush. Or thinking that you’re in a dance battle whenever your favorite dance song plays. You can’t deny that we’ve been at that moment once in our life. And it’s fine. I mean, what happens in your daydream, stays in your daydream.


Smoking a cigarette like a 90’s action star

I’ve been in my fair share of smoking areas around Manila. And what I observe is that people have different ways of smoking. Tells a lot about my life, doesn’t it? Some do it like how our tita’s would do, left arm tucked in their right elbows but some, do it like a 90’s action star. Their eyes will squint every inhale of the cigarette and blow it slowly thinking like, I look cool. Well, you do. You look like a badass 90’s action star, which is cool.


The pleasure of smelling nasty things

Yup, we all have this quirk. Accidently touching something nasty and still smell it. Or when it’s that time of the year that your belly button acts up and starts to release all this negative aura. Then you touch it despite knowing it smells bad because you feel the need to do it. I mean you know it smells the same, right? The smell never changes. So why do it? I guess it comforts your belly button or something?


Looking at the treasure you picked at your nose

You feel that there is a blockage in your nose whenever you inhale and exhale. Then you put that finger inside your nose, then once you’ve pulled out that thing you stare at it. It’s like you’ve pulled a big part of you and you just need to cherish that moment with it. Then you flick it somewhere like it didn’t mean a thing. And the worst part is, it lands in your friend’s hands. Yeah, good times. But seriously don’t carelessly flick your pot of gold. At least have the decency to roll it and flick it in a downward trajectory.


Bringing a book and not reading it

We’ve all encountered this type of person. They bring a small book about life but they don’t even open it. Yup, books are the new purse. I often see these types of people in coffee shops wherein they enter and look for a sit then examine the place a little then they immediately scroll through their phone until their friend arrives and they start to chat. Like, what is the purpose of that book? Is it a purse disguised as a book? I don’t know, but it’s fine. I mean it’s their life as long as they are happy it’s fine.


Playing music on shuffle but still play the next song

You’ve had a long day, you’re on your way home so you listen to music. You pick a playlist and hit that shuffle button. Then as you listen you start to feel that your favorite song is not popping up so you hit next until you reach a song that you like. Then do it again. Give yourself a break and just play that song. You’ve had a long day. The least you can do is listen to your favorite song.


Pressing that elevator button twice

These people have the lowest level of patience. I’ve seen numerous people do this in our school building. They are in a hurry because they are late for their class so they press that elevator button twice and say that they are already late. No matter how many times you press it, it will not go faster my friend. So just be patient. If you are really in a hurry, try taking the stairs and live that healthy lifestyle by walking through the flight of stairs.


Do you have any quirks?

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