Last Saturday me and my team went down South (and no, not what you’re thinking), as AfterParty with SummerSky and Stoned Bar & Grill collaborated in an evening of skill and charm for the much awaited Summer Sky Campus DJ Battle. 

Guess what? not only was it a LIT evening of sorts — but it was a game changer for me personally, I get to chill at one of the most exquisite pubs in town.

The whys…

They’ve got an amazing interior, with the most art installations I’ve seen. Plus, they have a huge area that can hold up to 500 people, (in one sitting) and get this, they have HUGE portions in their food servings! A totally awesome deal if you ask me.

But, the best part here is that its owners Azel Cabarles and Calvin Felipe are two passionate artists on their own. They are all the about music and the best performances that is why for the 5th year this 2018, they have committed to getting only the hottest acts to perform.

And none to little too, Stoned Bar & Grill has been graced by some of the top names in the industry with DJ Ace Ramos, DJ Marc Marasigan, and DJ X-Factor X Victor Pring  with Ex-Battalion and Shanti Dope too.

Just recently they’ve upped the game with an even wider area space and a more industrial, and grungy look that totally made this area space standout from the rest. And if those aren’t enough of a proof to get your ass moving to visit their place, maybe this video will. Check it out below.