You’d think that now that Pia Wurtzbach has passed her Ms. Universe crown to Iris Mittenaere of France she’s just going it take it easy for a while. Well, she’s doing quite the opposite. From becoming a judge in Asia’s Next Top Model to raising awareness for HIV, there seems to be no stopping this beauty queen.

She’s also got a bit of a wild side to her. Pia got to try out go-karting thanks to her pro racer boyfriend, Marlon Stockinger. These two make such a lovely couple.

Ms. Wurtzbach’s latest project is appearing in Lebanese-Canadian R&B singer Massari’s latest music video. In the video for “So Long”, she plays Massari’s ex that he had to break up with. This break up song isn’t a slow piano tearjerker though. There’s a nice beat to it that still makes it a nice song to dance to.

The music video’s colorful lights highlight Pia Wurtzbach’s white clothes and spakly dress so well. She looks fabulous moving to the beat. Here’s the video so you can watch it yourself!

She’s even got time to be a loving tita her neice, Lara. Their instagram pictures are so adorable! 

Who knows just what Pia Wurtzbach will do next? She’s such a talent, that it seems like she can do it all. Wherever her career path takes her, I’m sure the Filipino people will back her as much as they did back in the 2016 Miss Universe pageant.

Featured photo from Pia’s Instagram!