Remember the days when we didn’t have Spotify or iTunes, when we have to buy CDs or listen to the radio just to listen to a specific song over and over? Remember the MYX days when we would wait for top 20s to watch videos of our favorite songs? Those were the young, wholesome days when we were still clueless about the romance in general.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, here are 8 OPM love songs in early 2000 that bring back memories of our long lost love:

1. Torete – Moonstar88

Torete was released back in 2000, and it has been an all-time classic since. This sweet song is about a girl who’s crazy in love with a guy without asking for anything in return. Acel Bisa was the vocalist of the band when this song was first released. She was replaced by Maysh Baay from 2004, who popularized songs like Migraine and Panalangin.

2. Ang Huling El Bimbo – Eraserheads

Another timeless classic is Eraserheads’s Ang Huling El Bimbo. It was written by vocalist Ely Buendia, and was released back in 1996. Maybe a lot of you can also remember Mcdonald’s commercial in 2009, in which a guy was in love with a girl since they were kids, but they didn’t end up together. This heartbreaking song will always have a special place in the local music industry.

3. Magbalik – Callalily

Callalily entered the OPM music scene with its popular hits like Magbalik, Stars and Pasan. Kean Cipriano was such a heartthrob back then! Magbalik was released in 2006, and a lot of us cried our hearts out while singing to it. The intro guitar lead is catchy enough that a lot of us are guilty of humming to it.

4. Jeepney – Spongecola

Released in 2004, Spongecola’s Jeepney is another heartbreaking song about a person reminiscing the past. It’s hard not to remember someone while listening to this song because jeepneys are practically everywhere (unless you’re in another country).

5. Alumni Homecoming – Parokya Ni Edgar

Alumni Homecoming is undoubtedly the theme song of every reunion out there. It’s about a love that’s left unsaid, even though the person has tried confessing his feelings for how many times. The lesson we all should get from this song is to just let the person you love how you feel. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

6. Beer – Itchyworms

Itchyworms’s Beer was released in 2006, and has probably been the anthem of every heartbroken people drinking out since. It’s hard not to sing along with it every time it plays at a bar — it’s like suddenly the whole place becomes a musical scene.

7. Narda – Kamikazee

Narda was such a hit in 2006, back in Angel Locsin’s Darna days. It was also used as the theme song when Darna was remade in 2009 starring Marian Rivera. This local superhero is important in the Philippine film industry, no wonder this song also made its way to our young hearts.

Although there are a lot of up and coming bands these days, OPM love songs back in early 2000 will always be memorable to us. Those were the days when we were still innocent about love, and every heartache feels like the end of the world.

What are your favorite OPM love songs? Comment below!