It sucks loving someone who does not feel the same way about us. But what sucks more than that is when they give us hints and mixed signals when in the end they’re all for nothing. The bottom line is, unrequited love sucks big time.

Thank the universe for music, though, at least we don’t have to do it all alone. Here are some OPM hugot songs to move on from a one-sided love.

Oo – Up Dharma Down

UDD’s Oo is one of their best songs. The song is about a person in love with someone who’s too insensitive. The frustration in her voice really gave life to it, making this song more powerful than it already is. Falling in love with a friend sucks, especially if the other party is just too clueless about how you’re feeling.

Sorry Naman – Rico Blanco

These two words are probably all you can say when falling for a person you shouldn’t fall in love with. This song was released back in 2015, around the time the filipino expression “sorry naman, tao lang” was at its peak. But generally, you shouldn’t apologize for loving someone, because it’s almost the same as saying that was a stupid mistake, and no one deserves that (unless you’re in a forbidden love).

Kathang-Isip – Ben&ben

A lesson we can all get from Ben&ben’s Kathang Isip is that we shouldn’t assume anything based on actions. Just ask the person if you want to know the answer. Or if you can even handle the rejection. It’s a good song to listen to for an instant reality check that they’re simply paasa. Nothing more, nothing less.

Game of Questions – I Belong to the Zoo

Why do we have to fall in love with the person who doesn’t feel the same way as we do? It doesn’t get any clearer than that. Argee Guerrero really knows how to put our feelings into words when we can’t even do it. But, you know, at least the people in this song had closure. There were sorrys and goodbyes said – yes, even unrequited romance deserves that.

Sa Hindi Pag Alala – Munimuni

This song has a way to make it more dramatic with the “heto na” part after a confident line about forgetting someone. The lines are chanted over and over. It’s like the person is trying so hard to make it happen, but he’s still pushing himself so hard to do it.

These OPM hugot songs only point to one lesson: do not expect anything if there’s no confirmation from the other person. And people out there – just stop being paasa. It’ll make everyone’s lives easier.