Don’t you just love drinking hot coffee, listening to your OPM chill music playlist, while watching the rain fall down on your windowsill? Rainy days are bed weathers, and bed weathers are perfect with good music.

While we all have our favorites during rainy days, it’s never too late to listen to something new. Check out these local songs to replace your old, overplayed music:

1. Porter – I belong to the zoo

I belong to the zoo is one of the up and coming singers in the local indie scene. That’s right — it’s not a band. Tonight We Sleep’s vocalist Argee Guerrero made the title to create music for his more intimate experiences. Porter is one of the songs that will put you into senti mood (even asleep!). Let the lyrics speak for itself.  

2. Sana – I belong to the zoo

Another heartbreaking song to listen for this week is I Belong to the Zoo’s Sana. A lot of people can relate to this song as it’s about someone who’s so in love with a person who was half-hearted about the relationship. In every gig, Argee would introduce the song with a reminder of how people should be just transparent about not wanting to commit right from the start, so the other party would not expect anything in return.

3. Sorrys and Goodbyes – Banna Harbera

Banna Harbera is a soul-funk band with members graduated from College of Saint Benilde’s music production. Their soulful music is enough to keep you relaxed on this cold weather. Their Sorrys and Goodbyes make a great shower song. It’s something to sing at the top of your lungs.

4. Di na muli – Janine Tenoso

Originally sang by the Itchyworms, Janine Tenoso’s version of Di Na Muli was popularized by the movie Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story). It’s a very painful song that talks about being bitter about a lost love, but accepting the ending anyway. Beware though, this song could get stuck in your head for days.

5. Sayo – munimuni

This folk-pop band has a distinct beat that you’d want to listen to on this bed weather. In particular, Sayo sounds like a lullaby with bittersweet words. Their songs are really poetic that you’d appreciate OPM songs more.

What’s your OPM chill music playlist? We’d love to hear in the comments!