Enter the new year without any angst and bitterness. Release everything you need to release. Write a new year message to your ex!

Another year has ended and with it are experiences and relationships that did not make to the new year. As you start your year, make sure you’ve let go of everything in your chest. So let’s write a new year message to your ex, shall we?

Dear ex,


I am writing you this letter because I want to apologize for the things that I’ve done wrong. I apologize for being bitchy at times. I apologize for being too clingy. I apologize for walking out on you multiple times. I apologize for not opening up as much as you want me to.

I apologize for shutting up when you’re upset with me. I apologize cause I kept getting myself into trouble and making you worry. I apologize I’m not as prim and proper as you wanted. I apologize for not improving as fast as you expected me to. I apologize for seeming uninterested sometimes. I apologize for expecting too much. I apologize for not being the person you expected me to be. I apologize for pushing you away and for succeeding. I apologize for being too much for you.

(Show you’re grateful)

But I also want to thank you. Thank you for the moments that we’ve spent together and the memories we’ve shared. Thank you for meeting me in that cafe during our first “date” and talking to me even though it was evident that I was nervous and was stuttering with my words. Thank you for introducing me to your friends and made me feel that I belong even though obviously, I didn’t.

Thank you for picking me up from work, driving me home, and holding my hand while doing so. Thank you for trying to do accents to make me laugh and for singing songs for me even though you don’t usually sing. Thank you for running with me. Thank you for taking care of my drunk ass when need be. Thank you for apologizing when you did something wrong. Thank you for scolding me when I’m doing something stupid. Thank you for correcting my bad habits.

Thank you for making sure my food is not spicy and does not have onions whenever we eat together because you know that I don’t like those. Thank you for putting up with my mood swings. Thank you for teaching me the value of money. Thank you for giving me tips on how to improve my work ethics. Thank you for tolerating my weirdness. Thank you for encouraging me to be a better version of myself. And thank you for trying to love me and my imperfections.


Even though we were not able to make it, know that I will value our memories and will keep in my heart the lessons that I got from our relationship. That way I won’t make the same mistakes with the next person that I will love. I have forgiven you and myself and have decided to keep moving forward.

I’m not really sure if the broken pieces are back together. Nevertheless, I’m happy to have discovered that I can do many things and be happy at the same time without you in it. I am letting go and accepting that we will embark on a new journey separately. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. May you have an amazing year ahead because so far I am enjoying mine.



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