Last time we got a Twilight book was 12 years ago.

In other words, if you were a Belledward stan before (stan wasn’t even a thing back then), you have officially reached adulthood. Now that Stephenie Meyer has just released another book for the Twilight Saga, are you ready to be a teenager again?

Midnight Sun, out now!

If you are a legit fan of the franchise, you must have been anticipating this day. It was actually announced by the author herself that the book had been finished a few months back. Going further back in time, she had begun working on Midnight Sun way back 2008 not long after Twilight was adapted into a movie and became a cultural obsession. But due to an incident where the first 12 chapters had been leaked online, the publishing was held back. It even caused Stephenie to suffer a writer’s block.

Well, the novel might have gotten off to a rocky start, what’s important is that it’s finished, and starting August 4, 2020, fans can now devour its 672 pages and reunite with characters we haven’t been in touch with for over a decade.

Midnight Sun serves as a companion novel to Twilight, told from the perspective of Edward Cullen. This means we get to find out what he’s thinking the first time he lays eyes on the new girl, Bella Swan, before making a life with her.

Releasing Midnight Sun is one hell of a courageous move from Stephenie Meyer. After a lengthy separation, there’s no certainty that people would still care about your story. But then, she did it for the fans. Fortunately, the people to whom this piece of work is dedicated are taking notice.

What do you expect from the new Twilight book, Midnight Sun?

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