Whether you’re attending a virtual Halloween party with your workmates or a real one with your cousins at home, you might wanna consider these costume ideas.

Halloween is not about wearing the scariest costumes anymore. While the element of creepiness can still be involved, the holiday has become a test of how far your creativity can go when it comes to dressing yourself up. That means your options are no longer limited to just zombies, vampires, and Grim Reaper, and you can now dress up as a banana, a trash bin, and a milk tea.

And since the rule of the game has turned into whose costume can make you stand out from the crowd and elicit the most intense reactions– whether it’s fear, disgust, surprise, and amusement– why not become the most famous fictional characters in pop culture today? Check out these creative costume ideas inspired by your beloved characters from Netflix!

Robin and Steve from Stranger Things


One of the common creative gimmicks at a Halloween costume party is coming in pairs. Robin and Steve’s silly uniform are a surefire costume inspiration that will make you and your partner an instant apple of the eye.

Janet from The Good Place


Hi, there! Another surefire way to make yourself noticed is by replicating the universe’s most beloved, all-knowing sentient not-a-girl. You can choose between any of the Janets (I personally prefer the Bad Janet) but her most commonly worn outfit is composed of a purple skirt, a bow tie neck blouse, and a purple buttoned vest. Of course, it’s an unspoken rule that you must never show up without carrying a cactus plant in a white pot.

Jughead Jones from Riverdale


One of the easier looks to copy because all you need is a jacket and beanie. Although for the record, Cole Sprouse’s charming looks can be difficult to pull off.

The Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy


It’s a good thing the coolest siblings on earth are composed of a very diverse group of people. Just grab a blazer jacket, gray shorts, black shoes, and a black face mask, and you can introduce yourself as any of the Hargreeves who best matches your personality.

Bojack from Bojack Horseman


You just need a horse’s head made from cardboard, a jacket, pants, and a pair of red sneakers, and you’re good to go! The existential despair is one piece of clothing you don’t have to find because, well, you’ve been wearing it for as long as you can remember.

Todd Chavez from Bojack Horseman


Well, if you show up as Jughead Jones and people around you give you a look of disbelief, you can tell them that you’re joking and reintroduce yourself as Todd Chavez. They essentially have the same outfit, except Todd is more achievable because as we’ve said, Cole Sprouse’s cuteness is hard, if not impossible, to copy. Just draw black lines all over your face for the final touch.

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Any other Netflix character you can dress up as for Halloween?

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