LIFESTYLE: Must-Have Tita Essentials

Are you a Tita? Or possibly a Tita wannabe? If you’re any of the two, then you better have these essentials! Stash your purses and bags with the Must Have Tita Essentials. Complete that Titas of Manila experience!

Being a Tita isn’t more than just being motherly. A Tita has more than makeup in her purse. And to make sure that you survive the day, be it work or gala, you have to be prepared. And as a Tita, you’re always the go-to of your friends and office mates for certain things like tissue or alcohol. You know, typical Tita stuff.

We listed down the must-have essentials a tita should keep in her purse. And I tell you, these things are handy in every occasion or situation in your daily life.

If you are a certified Tita or just someone on her way to being a Tita, then read on. You’ll definitely need these babies!

Wet Wipes and Tissue

These come in handy in sticky situations. If it’s hot and your sweat is trickling down or you’re becoming too oily, drop the blotting paper, lady! Tissue proves itself worthy as acting as a blotting paper too and is affordable as well. You can you use it to blow your nose when on your sick days too.

Wet wipes are for your banyo sessions. Tired of public restrooms with no bidets and tissue? I know right, what a horror story. So make sure you stock wet wipes in your bags for it. You’ll never know.

Card Holder and Portable Fan

Every Tita should NOT forget her card holder. Not only because it has your debit or credit card. But also your SM Advantage card or whatever Suki cards you’re a member of. And to beat the heat, Tita’s have upgraded from old school pamaypay to portable fan! Just better make sure you have charged its batteries though.

The Big Four

You gotta choose your fighter. But either you prefer Katinko, Efficascent Oil, White Flower or Vicks, any would do. From your headaches, back pains, clogged nose or from the UV’s unpleasant air freshener. I mean, it’s the next best home remedy and first aid to any aches you’re feeling. That’s why you never forget it.

Hand Sanitizer and Alcohol

Germaphobe? Nah. Titas just wanna keep it clean. We don’t know what dirt can cling into our daily stuff. And it makes ourselves feel refreshed touching the whole office itself. I mean, it’s better to be clean!

So Titas and our Tita wannabes, check out your Must Have Tita Essentials list. Make sure to pack your essentials before leaving the house! Your friends and officemates might come to your aid for those when nature calls! Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh

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