2019 is almost near! Have you filled out your journals and planners for 2018? ‘Cause if you did, then you better check out the Must Have 2019 Planners!

The year’s almost ending and 2019 is upon us. This calls for the restocking of planners right before it hits 2019. Either you just hoard or really write in your planners, you better check out your 2019 planner choices that are locally made!

It’s always fun to buy planners every year. Especially for students and professionals. Personally, I wasn’t really that into planners before. I’m not organized with my stuff and I just let it be. But after getting a job and entering the adult stage of my life, I realized how much I need one. So here we are! I’ve gone around to see the best 2019 planners that are best for everyone!

The Starbucks 2019 Planner & Travel Organizer

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Who doesn’t like a Starbucks planner? Every coffee addict out there really maximizes their drinking in order to fill up their cards with stickers. But the Starbucks planner this 2019 is extra special.

Aside from the usual Starbucks planner, you can redeem a zip-around case travel organizer instead! So if you love traveling and want to keep notes in a much more convenient way, then the travel organizer is for you! It can hold a few cards, your phone and wires for your chargers and earphones. So it’s easy to grab those necessities while writing down your thoughts.

But if not and want it old-school classic journal-ling, then the planner it is! For every planner/organizer, you also get a limited edition Starbucks card!

The planner comes in two colors: espresso and milk. And for every planner, you get a canvas pouch to go with it – a yellow pouch for the espresso planner and a teal pouch for the milk planner. For the organizer, you can get a dark teal or a sienna-colored one. So choose wisely!

Sunnies Agenda Planner

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So if you’re planning to buy new specs or sunnies, then be sure to drop by Sunnies Studios. You can get their kawaii limited edition Sunnies Agenda planner when you buy a pair of sunnies. The planner is hardbound so you won’t need to worry about its durability. And you’ll definitely love the designs they have. The first one features an anime artwork which gives that classic anime feels. While the other one is minimal yet sophisticated, best for our minimalist aesthetics.

You can get the planner for only Php 199 pesos when you buy a pair of sunnies at your nearest Sunnies Studios. Get yours now!

Mercury Drugstore Joyful Daybook of 2019 Planner

Grab your mom’s or your grandmom’s Mercury Drugstore Suki cards now! Mercury Drugstore’s Joyful Daybook of 2019 planner is best for self-care! If you feel like planning not only your daily activities and events in your life, with this planner, you can track your health as well. Not only your physical health but also your emotional health too!

What we love about this is that it has a lot of motivational quotes packed! You can really brighten up your day. And you can definitely make sure that you’re taking care of yourself every day. Self-care is love, ‘ya know. It comes in 4 different colors: Violet, Blue, Red, and Yellow.

You can get this for only P35 Mercury Drugstore Suki points at your local Mercury Drugstore.

Rainbow Collective LGBT 2019 Planner

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And for the LGBT members and allies, we have this rad LGBT 2019 Planner from Rainbow Collective. As bright and colorful as it’s cover, the inside pages of the planner screams empowerment, love and rainbows! I may not be a fan of colorful planners but this planner is the bomb!

Not only it has quotes but it also has stories of love and self-discovery in its pages. The stories are very touching and inspiring, you wouldn’t want to miss this one. You can find artworks that portray LGBT issues in the community that are really colorful. It’s hardbound and durable. The design is minimalist yet it’s colorful in the inside. There’s also a page that dedicates monthly themes and books recommendations too. It is so cool and fancy!

Let me tell you that this a limited edition for only Php 699. You can get it from Rainbow Collective.

So those are the must have 2019 planners that you should check it. You’ll definitely find the best one for you out there. Better make sure to choose the best one that fits your personality that will get your gears kickin’!

Are you ready for 2019? Which one among the Must Have 2019 planners you like most? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh