Attention to all musicians, both professional and aspiring! If you are looking for quality musical instruments at a low price, we got you.

The famous song by Jessie J that we all know says, “money can’t buy you happiness”. Money can buy musical instruments, though. And obviously, music makes people happy. So yeah, Jessie J’s Price Tag was clearly wrong.

But on a more important note, we’re happier when we spend less money to be happy. Because obviously, spending less on one thing leaves us with more money that we can use to buy other things that make us happy. It isn’t really that complicated, so I’m sure you get what I mean.

So to help you music guys out, we want to show you places where you can get really cheap instruments. *wink* Hey, thank us later.

RJ Guitar Center

You probably have seen at least one RJ Guitar Center during your lifetime. They have branches all around the Philippines, but they are concentrated more in the Luzon area. Their stores are very accessible because they are often located inside SM branches.

RJ Guitar Center | Branches

The RJ shop mainly sells guitars and other stringed instruments. No worries though because they also offer keyboards, percussion instruments, and other musical equipment. The prices of their instruments are really low and you can even get discounts on your purchase at some of their branches.

Moreover, you can shop for instruments online because RJ is also available on Lazada.

JB Music

Like RJ Guitar Center, JB Music also offers a variety of musical instruments at reasonable prices. With around 20 branches all around the Philippines, you would surely find the instrument you need here.

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Moreover, they offer good customer service because JB Music also repairs the brands they carry which were usually broken within a certain period of time.

JB Music also has an online shopping option available! Check them out here. 

Araden PcparkJapan

I’m sure you probably haven’t heard of the name yet, and to be honest I’m not really 100% sure about this too. One night, while looking for cheap musical instruments, I just happened to stumble upon this Facebook user selling ‘Buy 1 Take 1’ keyboards at a very low price.

When I dug deeper, I saw that they hold warehouse sales in different areas almost every week. They mostly do it in Valenzuela, but they also have a warehouse in Muntinlupa and Bulacan.

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Photo grabbed from Araden Pcpark’s Facebook account

Check out the list of instruments that they offer and their prices:

Keyboard for Buy 1 Take 1 – 2,000, 2,200, 3,400

Keyboard per piece – 1,500 to 4,000

88-key Keyboards – 7,500 to 10,500

— Synthesizers – 8,500 to 12,500

Guitars – 4,000 to 15,000

Bass guitars – 5,000 to 7,000

Acoustic guitars – 2,500 to 3,500

Amplifiers – starts at 400 pesos

Offering a variety of musical instruments, their main warehouse is located in RPJ 20A CNWB Compound, Marton Road, Canumay East, Bagbaguin,Valenzuela City.

Are you excited to buy musical instruments? Is there any other store or place that you can suggest? Let us know by sharing through the comments below or by simply hitting us up on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.