Music festivals are a place to flaunt your style. Aside from the artists you’re going to meet, there are tons of other things to enjoy like meeting new friends and discovering new music. You have to enjoy the moment as you’re not going to experience it twice.

For instance, you may prep your outfit a week (or even a month) before, so you don’t have to worry about it . Check out these cute music festival outfit pegs from your favorite artists!

1. Something boho

Be inspired with Vanessa Hudgens’s coachella look. Crocheted clothing is very popular in local music fests. You can throw in a crop top, shorts, boots, and a few cute accessories. You can also wear something floral and fringe to feel a more boho vibe.

2. Something plaid

Plaid shirts are timeless, and it can be easily styled with almost any peg you want to try. You can wear a sleeveless top and shorts with it for a street style look. You can also twist it around your waist. It’s best to wear it with your old pair of chuck taylors like this one from Miley!

3. Something band

For a minimalistic look, you can wear a band shirt, or create your personalized tee (probably something with lyrics) that the artist will easily relate. It would still rock even if you pair it with shorts, jeans, or skirt. This is a cute way to get noticed by your favorite artists. Look at Hayley wearing a Hayley shirt!

4. Something girly

If you’re feeling as girly as Taylor Swift, just pick your best dress out of the closet! Wear it with sandals or doll shoes, and a cute cardigan or sweater to make sure that you won’t get cold. You can have your hair down or put it in a bun.

5. Something bold

Music fests do not really have a dress code, be as bold as Cara Delevingne. Try to mix and match as long as you feel comfortable with it. Maybe wear a leather jacket, or something with fur. You can also pick something with bold colors. It’s entirely up to you – you never know when you start a new fashion trend!

One last thing to note – prepare a contingency music festival outfit plan in case you feel a different vibe on the day. It’s always a good thing to have a backup!