The monsoon is almost here. Depending upon how ready you are for the pitter patter, you will  enjoy the season or dread it.  But take it from us, just a some simple steps and you are rain ready and you won’t have to dread it – in fact, you will enjoy it!

Here are five simple tips for a great monsoon:

  • Buy an Umbrella:

Yes, we all feel cool and trendy with the raincoats and the trenchcoats and the windcheaters.  But one of the most uncomplicated ways to ward away the rain is the umbrella. You even get mini and foldable ones now, so you don’t have to worry about where to keep the umbrella. Raincoats are fine, but the sweltering heat you feel once the rain washes away and you are outside in the middle of the day – that’s when you think that the umbrella makes all the more sense.

  • Buy Sensible Footwear:

Buy plastic footwear and you won’t worry about stepping out in the rain. Do it before the rains start, and you might even get your footwear at a discount. Don’t go for the cloth or fake leather footwear,  because that ends up smelling because of the rain. The best bet for you is plastic footwear, and try to buy something that is made out of one piece and doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles.

More Tips for a Great Monsoon

  • Get colorful attire:

You are getting waterproof clothes, including t shirts, shorts and 3/4ths. So, make sure that they are colorful and add some verve to the day of anyone who meets you. Now that its the monsoon season, the environment will be dull and drab – and it is our solemn duty to ensure that we add some color to the season. And if you are cash-strapped, don’t worry. Several websites have sales going on, right after the first monsoon. So, all you need to do is save up for those incredible sales.

  • Stock up on hot beverages:

Its the rainy season. As soon as the torrents hit, you will want to have soup, coffee, tea, anything that goes with the weather – including anything that is deep fried in oil. One pro tip, don’t have street food during the rainy season – this is the season when various virii are prowling for their next victim. One of the most common ailments one faces during the rainy season is food poisoning. So, maintain distance from the street foods places that you know are not hygienic.

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