Rainy days are just around the corner and you thought to yourself that you wanted to kick up the heat a notch. You texted a girl with a wink emoji on it’s name, and a dirty smile on your face when she replied positively.

You immediately lit those scented candles you impulsively bought, dimmed the lights and readied those silk sheets, yet something is still missing—music to get you two in the mood.

What Does MOMOL Mean?

MOMOL simply means “make out make out lang” which has been a trending activity for millennials in the past few years or so. Unfortunately, there is no data on whether MOMOL doesn’t actually lead to those hot and steamy nights.

Do not worry, here’s 8 steamy OPM tunes that is guaranteed to set the mood for a sexy passionate night.

1. Franco — Lovers Fire

First on this list is a from prominent Alt-Rock artist and OPM icon, Franco. The slow-drums accompanied Franco’s husky, timid way of singing will definitely set the mood for any romantic encounters.

2. SUD — Smilky

SUD Ballecer. This dude with a ‘fro will definitely steal any girls (including yours) with his voice. His single “Smilky” is a perfect example. With those sexy guitar riffs along with his voice is a sure-fire way to set a steamy mood.

3. Tandems ’91 — Kids

This Retro/Funk Trio, Tandems ’91 has this unique sound of their own, and their single “Kids” is perfect for accompaniment for those passionate nights.

4. theballadeer — Deeperfeelings

This anonymous electronic producer made labeled his own music to “#sex”.  It’s as straightforward at it is, as his songs really sets that label, and “Deeperfeelings” is one of those must-have songs in your “#sex” playlist.

5. Al James — Ngayong Gabi

When you listen to it’s lyrics, this track by Trap-soul Artist, Al James said what you’ve wanted to say your girl on a cold evening as you awkwardly send signals to her. Luckily for you, this track exist to say those things in your head. So stop being awkward and a buzzkill and just play this song and hope for the best.

6. Earl Of Manila — Catching Feelings

Earl of Manila is a one of a kind producer. With his R&B/Soul Tracks fitted with elements that perfectly encompasses those infatuations and turn them into a sexy and groovy songs. Catching Feelings is one of those songs, as it’ll make you feel those feelings inside your chest with your old high school crush.

7. LUSTBASS – Evil Eye

No explanation needed as the tag  “#kantutancore” explains it all.

8. Alisson Shore – it’s not my fault, so stop pitying about it

Last, but not the list (see what I did there?) is a lo-fi RNB track from Alisson Shore. He never fails to make those sweet tunes that worms into your ear with his voice slowly crawling inside your head, and probably making you want to fall in love. This track, though short, is a complete mood-setter in itself. Perfect ender for those steamy nights for momol.

Did we miss anything on this list? Let us know below!