As we map out street culture from its contributions to music and pop culture, we cannot forget the significance of one compact item that has played a big role in sharing music – the Mixtape.

Cassette tapes were very essential to musicians as it have become the tool for them to study their music. From there, they have studied the whole art to it – writing, producing, and mixing. One of the notable people who made use of these mixtapes was Grandmaster Flash, among many other DJs, used to charge money for compiling the best beats and adding echo sound effects to the mix.

As hiphop music got bigger in the 70’s, even before record labels started recognizing its presence, their music has always been a live experience. Artists would look back at how much fun they are having during performances that they needed to take their jam home.

Comes the 21st century, with the gradual extinction of cassette tapes and the rise of the digital age, people have seem to have kept the essence of a mixtape; less the smell of the cassette tape and the whole effort behind manually fixing your radio, of course.

So let’s get to it! Here are my picks of modern mixtapes you need to listen to (in no particular order):

This Mixtape is Fire by Dillon Francis

It seems like most of the artists who come up with mixtapes are more on the EDM genre. Starting off this list with renowned DJ – Dillon Francis!

Aside from coming up with an album early on, he has decided to release This Mixtape is Fire with some collaborations with the biggest names in EDM – Skrillex, Calvin Harris, and many more.

Dillon Francis have recently played in Manila so if you missed that this is the perfect mixtape for you.

The Hamilton Mixtape

If you don’t know about the Hamilton Musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, then you are definitely missing out. You do not have to be a musical aficionado to appreciate this mixtape. This might actually be your new musical obsession!

Hamilton, a hip-hop musical, tells the story of American founding fathers in an unconventional way. How unconventional? Listen to this mixtape!

The version of the songs in this mixtape are interpreted by known artists such as Alicia Keys, Wiz Khalifa, Usher, Sia, Ja Rule, Ashanti among others. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, the Original Broadway Cast Recording, or OBCR to the theatre nerds out there, has also been available for free streaming via Spotify! Trust me when I say, IT IS AWESOME.

DJ X- Factor’s 2017 Mixtape (ft. Victor Pring, MC Aoh, Ronthug)

Did you ever wish you could bring home a piece of an amazing music festival you went to?

Renowned DJ, DJ X-Factor have made that possible for you!

Take a listen at his most recent mixtape featuring some of the best MCs in the industry – Ronthug, MC Aoh, and Victor Pring. The mixtape has been made available for free downloads here! Compiling your favorite hits from various artists such as Martin Garrix, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, and many more, I dare you not to dance to this mixtape.

The Ric Flair Nixtape by Nix Damn P!

Now if we have the same taste in music if you are into this next one. This “Nixtape” just gives you R&B, soul and is definitely sexy.

Nix Damn P has been a frequent headliner to various music festivals and other major events. With such a hardworking and innovative DJ like him, it’s hard not to be a fan of this talent.

So, this has to be my favorite mixtape from Nix Damn P and you may stream it for free!

The Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper

Y’all know this one is probably one of the most important mixtapes of this generation being the first ever streaming-only album that won in the 2017 Grammy’s.

So, You definitely hear Chance The Rapper’s personality and influences all throughout the album. He’s could easily be one the best (and one of the youngest) rap music producers there is!

All Chance’s music has been made available for free!

Read about Chance the Rapper’s Grammy win!

Honorable Mentions

DJ Yoda (Stranger Things- inspired mixtape)

Therefore, if you’re a fan of the famous Netflix series, Stranger Things, you should definitely check this out! It’s a cool mix of the 80’s sound of the show and modern hiphop.

Barney Stinson’s Get Psyched Mix (How I Met Your Mother)

If you are on the way to a party and you need to get hyped, well let’s just say you’ll find yourself headbanging for an hour with this mixtape!

Featured in an episode for the famous TV series, How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson (character) creates this mix in the premise that all songs in a Get Psyched Mix should be all rise, rather than the usual rise and fall.

Truth be told, I’m listening to this playlist as I beat the deadline for this article. Stream it here!