Millennial terms for the older folks out there.

Millennial terms are everywhere! Have you ever heard a conversation from a younger folk, and suddenly in the middle of their conversation you hear certain words that don’t ring a bell? I remember my sister having a conversation with her friends, and then she suddenly screams, “Awit” my dad then turns to her and asks her what she said. And I just laughed quietly as my sister explained it to my dad as he was confused about what the word meant.

For the younger folks out there, it might be a second nature to you saying these words. But for the older folks out there, you might wonder if you ever missed a class during your elementary and high school days for not knowing these terms. Well, it’s not your fault though. These terms are usually used and developed by the younger folks, no disrespect intended. These terms have become part of today’s culture and we are here to help you out! So for the teens out there, you might want to share this one with your older folks so that they can stay hip and embody that millennial culture! Here are some millennial terms and their meaning!


Gucci is known as a brand but today, it has a different meaning for the younger folks. Gucci refers to good or cool. It reflects a person’s feelings when they are feeling good. When someone asks you how you are doing, you can say, “I’m Gucci!” Or when someone asks you to look at their work, you can say, “That’s Gucci.” When someone tells you that they are Gucci, it does not mean they are the brand, it means they are feeling good!


Tea talk

This slang is good for the tita’s and mother’s out there who like talking with their kumare’s during social gatherings. When I first heard this term, I thought my friend was asking me to go have a milk tea with them. Tea talk or also known as spilling the tea refers to telling someone hot gossip.  So the next time you see your kumare and kumpare’s and they know something that you don’t, you can ask them to spill the tea! It makes for a great bonding, you know.



Awit is a street term that refers to aw, sakit. The first time I heard this term was during my first year of college. Every time I and my friends will go and play billiards, I will hear at least one or two people saying this word. And I was confused for a while as to what it meant. It is used every time when someone receives a piece of bad news or when something shocking happens. It is also sometimes used to refer to seeing something amazing.  



Omsim is derived from the word mismo. It is one of those reversed words that became famous in the last year and has been used all around by teens. It is usually used to express agreement with someone who is making a point. It is also used to show someone when you see something beautiful or nice. “Uy, omsim yun pre oh!”



Many think alat was derived from the slang, salty meaning being angry or agitated. But alat has a different meaning from salty. Alat refers to something unfortunate. It is something you say to someone who has experienced an unfortunate event or when one of your friend’s girlfriend caught them liking sexy TikTok dance on Facebook “Alat non, pre”. So the next time your friend undergoes through that situation, tell them that and wish them all the best in life.


Are there any other slangs that you use?

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