Streetwear can be a lot of different things. It could be just a nice graphic tee paired with ripped jeans, but it could also be something avant garde, like the stuff they wear in Japan. In any case, local streetwear is simply casual clothes young people wear in urban places.

If you’re a newcomer to the streetwear scene, here’s a nice reddit post with links to local brands who’re making the Philippine streets more fashionable. You can also check out the streetwear subreddit to see what everyday folks are sporting out there on the streets.

When one thinks of streetwear, Supreme usually comes to mind. Their entire image just exudes youth culture. Supreme stores around the world are designed to encourage skaters to just have fun in the middle of the showroom. Their skateboards are like little pieces of modern art. The New York-based brand frequently collaborates with other predominant brands like Nike, Timberland, and recently, The North Face.

They have just recently released their latest collab with Rap-A-Lot coming out this week!

Although, streetwear brands are a little to costly. You probably know that already! But local streetwear-brand releases are stuff  you should totally look out for.

Streetwear in Manila

Team Manila

You can’t talk about Philippine streetwear without talking about Team Manila. They’re thought to be the founders of local street fashion culture. Their claim to fame is their design of Jose Rizal wearing sunglasses. They offer a wide variety of products like graphic tees, tote bags, and paper materials.

Filipinos love to take Western stuff and give them a funny local spin. The Tshirt Project and Spoofs have been making hilarious shirts parodying everything from brands to movies for years. The following brands are like the previously mentioned t-shirt makers, but they specialize in making cool and funny streetwear.


Progress is a fashion brand that started back in 2009. Their lineup goes from artistic to satirical. They’ve made shirts replacing the names of brands in their logos with “Progress”. Our favorite though is their “Supring” shirt.

Heartless PH

Heartless by our very own brand ambassador, Victor Pring is challenging established streetwear brands like Supreme and Pablo. By simply putting the word “fuck” on the clothes, he changes the meaning behind them entirely. It’s like a rebellion within a rebellion.


Victor Pring HEARTLESS

In the coming days, we’ll surely dig deeper on the streetwear brands and concept stores in Metro Manila so make sure to stick around!

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