Local IG shops perfect for your aesthetic needs!

Ever since the lockdown started, people have been busy with different new hobbies they developed in this whole quarantine situation. A lot of people turned to decorating and re-decorating their living spaces to make it fun and ~aesthetically~ good for the eyes.

When you’re stuck at home for a long period of time, making your space conducive for work and study is definitely a must especially when you are the kind of person who’s a sucker for wonderful sights and sceneries to be able to function better.

With that said, we came up with a list of a couple of local IG shops which offer decor and other products perfect for your aesthetic needs! Just see for your eyes by browsing below.

1. balai.manila

2. bytheform

3. emilias.home

4. furihome.ph

5. homescapesmnl

6. homemnl

7. lamaceta.ph

8. mithi.home

9. mlmsignmakerph_

10. primar.ideas

11. sundayhome_ph

Are you up for decorating your space with these aesthetic finds?

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