If you see yourself constantly entering a spiral of sadness, you should try attending gigs. No really—the company could be good for you.

The Science Behind the Study

Deakin University researchers Melissa Weinberg and Dawn Joseph analyzed 1,000 interviews with random Australian citizens to check if a connection between their individual music consumption and happiness levels exist. The study, titled “If you’re happy and you know it: Music engagement and subjective wellbeing” found that people who regularly attend events like concerts and musicals experience a higher level of subjective well-being. The interviewees’ music consumption was divided into six different activities: Listening to music, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, composing music, and attending music-oriented events. Weinberg reported to CNN that the activities of dancing and and attending music-oriented events correlated with higher happiness levels.

Although they can’t provide a solid answer as to why simply listening to music doesn’t give off the same effect, psychology seems to play a huge part. Music works as an outlet for people to express emotions and it becomes even more powerful when shared. Social relationships are vital to a person’s overall well-being, and basically any similar interest that creates a commonality can contribute to this need. Simply put, it’s the act of coming together to enjoy that one artist that could make a person happier.

Let’s Go to a Gig!

Live concerts are common in Manila. We have some of the best musical acts out there that are always on the go, performing in venues like Route 196, SaGuijo, and Mow’s—sometimes all in one night! We really don’t have to look very far or spend a fortune to look for quality music in the city. For example, local music festivals such as the Red Ninja Year Ender Fest is a great event to patronage. With an average of two dozen acts on their lineup every year, you can spend the entire day enjoying the music and the community.

2018 has a lot in store for the Philippines in terms of international concerts as well, so check out our 2018 Concerts Masterlist while you’re at it. Drop by a gig and let us know if the study works for you!

Featured image by Simon Vigan

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