Today is World Mental Health Day and here some little things you can do to keep your mental health in check!

Our mental health is something we often neglect and sometimes can be found at the end of our priority list. Although it is true that we’re so busy with our lives and have many other things to deal with. It doesn’t mean that all of these should get in the way of maintaining a healthy and positive outlook in life.

So here are some little things you can do to keep your mental health in check!

Know your worth


One valuable lesson in life you need to learn is that not everyone will appreciate your existence but it’s not up to them decide your worth. It should start within yourself because you’re the captain of your ship and the master of your fate. What you think of yourself will reflect on the things you do and how you think of yourself. So don’t ever ask for validation from anyone else because it is only YOU who knows the real YOU. Once you learn to love yourself, what anyone will say won’t matter anymore. Remember, there’s only one kind of you in the vast universe.

Take care of your body


Another thing to help you have a strong mental fortitude is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Once you start doing it, you’ll notice a big change in your outlook in life and you’ll learn to love yourself more. Your mind will feel less clouded with disturbing thoughts. Plus, you’re equally giving your body the TLC (tender loving care) it needs! You can start by eating right, exercising, and sleeping early. Trust us, it works! *wink*

Find a hobby


To divert yourself from the negative energy surrounding you, why not try a new hobby out? Who knows, you might just find out that you’re good in something you didn’t know. Not only are you focusing your time and energy on the task but you’re accomplishing goals that give you a sense of purpose in life.

Surround yourself with good people


Part of anyone’s life is to be able to meet different kinds of people. And you’ll meet some people who will threaten your peace, values, and self-worth. But once you mature, you’ll find it harder to stay around those who give out bad energy. Eventually, you’ll know the people who are good to be with. Good people who will guide you in life and won’t be afraid to point out your mistakes but still accept them. As the saying goes, “In times of stormy weather, only then will you discover people who are true to you.”

Ask for help


Mental illness is not a joke. When you’re feeling out of sorts lately and you know something’s wrong, don’t hesitate to ASK FOR HELP. Don’t get swayed by other people’s comments like “you’re overreacting” or “you’re such a drama queen with your fake illness”. Just like any other disease, you won’t know you have it unless you’re diagnosed. So there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have your mental health in check. There are different kinds of mental illnesses and it’s not only depression. Put yourself first not others will say.

In the Philippines, we have a 24/7 crisis hotline dedicated to those in need of mental health assistance. It is operated by the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH), which has professionals who know how to properly deal with those in need.

Would you be doing these things to keep your mental health in check? We hope so! And if you’re looking for someone to talk to, our comment box is always open! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Feel free to tell us anything! And if you liked this story then make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!