LIFESTYLE: Signs that your partner is cheating on you

You’re having suspicions, but you don’t want to believe it. What are the signs that your partner is cheating on you?

We never want to know that our partner is cheating on us. When we have suspicions, we tend to try to figure things out because we’d rather hurt than remain in the dark about what’s been happening in the relationship. We are suspicious, but in the back of our minds, we always hope that we’re wrong.

But how do you know that your partner is cheating on you? Sometimes, it’s hard to know just by observing, so we have a short list to hopefully disprove (or prove) your suspicions. Here are some telltale signs that your partner is cheating on you!

Things don’t add up.

Cheaters tend to either overshare or not share anything at all. When you ask them about how their day went, they could fill you up with every single detail including time, exact places and other strange stories that seem unbelievable. But when you start noticing that what they are saying now doesn’t add up to what they previously told you, it stinks of dishonesty.

When you try to ask them about small things, like their last trip to the mall, they’ll have to exert mental effort to go through their story once again. Did I tell her I was going to the mall? What did I tell her I was doing there?  It could trigger a chain of lies when you ask questions, and oftentimes you’d see them getting frustrated about simple questions you ask. I’m pretty sure one would notice by the use of memory if their partner is lying to them.

“Babe time” to “Me time”

It’s simple. He/she wants to d the things you used to do together alone. Before, you’d stay home together or go eat out together. But now, he/she would prefer to call it a day at an earlier time for no apparent reason. “I’m going to have my car washed,” they explain. Or, “It’s a work thing, I don’t want you to get bored!” even if you’re perfectly fine with tagging along, even if you badly want to tag along. Suddenly, your partner needs more time to himself even if you only see each other during weekends.

Changes in routine

She used to sleep early because she has work the next morning, but now she’s been up later than the usual. He used to pick you up at eleven and then drive you home, but now he’s breaking the routine and going for some other plans. No harm if you are well aware of the changes, but if it’s sudden, you might want to watch out.

Becoming distant and secretive.

Oops, he suddenly changed his Facebook passwords. He carries his phone everywhere, even in the bathroom. He leaves the room to take calls and is constantly on his phone or social media. If you never had your partner’s password in the first place, this wouldn’t be an issue, but if he suddenly just changes his password to keep you out of his messages, that’s a major red flag.

They’re being distant, too. Not spending enough time and being cold most of the time. Also, cheating partners tend to initiate a breakup over small inconveniences or fights. It’s a telltale sign that he/she is just waiting for you to make a mistake or waiting for a reason to break up with you.

Hating surprises

You can’t show up unannounced or uninvited now when it wasn’t really an issue before. You arrive at his house and wake him up from his sleep. When he sees you, he usually reaches up to pull into a hug, but now he’s mad that you’re just showing up unannounced. Cheaters wouldn’t want you at their house at certain times, you know?

His/her friends start acting differently around you.

You used to be okay with your partner’s friends, but that, too, suddenly changed. When you talk to them, they seem agitated, nervous, and always eager to leave. If you’re not who caused the change, maybe they know something you don’t, and they wouldn’t want to be the one who ruins your relationship by snitching.

What do I do?

Depending on the kind of relationship you have, talk to your partner and try to find out in a way that you’re not going to sound like you’re doubting them. It also depends on what you want. Do you think your partner deserves a chance, or have you had enough? Also, it depends on what your partner wants and why they cheated. Was it just for sexual gratification or do they actually see a future with the person? We’re not justifying cheating. In whatever form, it’s wrong. And we’re also not saying that we’re sure you’re partner’s cheating. But if you see these signs, you might just want to be cautious!

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